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Is It Safe To Use A Free VPN?

Is It Safe To Use A Free VPN

Say you are traveling to Saudi Arabia and want to watch your favorite American show on Netflix. But, due to network restrictions, you do not have access to it. Well, you can easily opt for a VPN.

VPNs are used widely by people to overcome geographical hurdles. It helps them to access a remote network securely, and it serves several other purposes.

Organizations use them to share resources and additional information across numerous office locations. VPNs have gained popularity recently as they help to bypass location restrictions and access services that are blocked.

People often search for ways to bypass location restrictions imposed by websites, and they discover VPN services. Many of them are not willing to pay for services that they will not use frequently, and therefore, they opt for free VPN.

The trend of VPN started 15 years ago, and business VPN services are still popular today. With VPN, a user can access media and files from any location privately and securely and avoid government censorship and torrent.

Why Use A Free VPN?

A free VPN provides numerous benefits, and some of them are discussed as follows:

#1. Anonymity

Free VPNs have their own server networks. They can easily mask your IP address and substitute it with an IP address that they own. Say you wish to download any movie while on your trip to China, you can easily do so with a free VPN.

#2. Good Security

Free VPNs offer encryptions. They have average security that might block a few cyber attacks.

#3. Overcome Geographical Restrictions

Not all countries have access to free Internet. Countries like Saudi Arabia, North Korea, etc., have strict laws on searching on the internet.

In such a scenario, a free VPN comes handy. You can easily overcome geographical restrictions and access the blocked sites.

Difference Between Paid and Free VPNs

When it comes to using VPNs, people often question themselves: Should I use a Free VPN or a Paid one? A paid VPN provides premium services, and you can avail of their services if you wish to do bank transactions anonymously or maintain your business’s privacy.

However, if you want to access the restricted sites while preserving anonymity, you can easily opt for a free VPN. Here, we have discussed in brief the further difference between paid and free VPNs.

#1. Price

The significant difference between paid and free VPN is the price you pay. You go from using a service entirely for free to spending an average monthly cost of about $10.

#2. Best For

Free VPNs are often suitable for short-term uses, such as for testing purposes, but if you are looking for a long term option, a paid VPN service is recommended.

#3. Privacy

When using free VPNs, users may have to forget about their privacy. Most free VPNs collect user data and often sell them in the market. You stay worry-free with a paid service. Paid VPNs offer 100% privacy, and user data is not compromised at any cost.

#4. Bandwidth Blocking

Free VPN services are often believed to block specific bandwidth and have control over them. This is not the case with paid VPNs, and they will never control or block your bandwidth.

Which Is The Best Free VPN?

Urban VPN is one of the best free VPNs, and it also has a premium version for users looking to upgrade their VPN services. You can browse secure websites by using free services as well.

Despite being free, you get premium quality services. This VPN is also highly effective in hiding your identity and location by masking IP addresses and substituting them with one of their own.

Thus, you can stay anonymous while browsing any website. Hence, it is safer than using an open connection. There is no denying the fact that all VPNs are not identical. When using Urban VPN, you obtain the benefits offered by several paid options available in the market.

It has several promising attributes that set this option apart from its competitors. With this VPN, users get high-grade encryption.

It means that a user’s data is kept super secure even in transit, and if someone gets hold of it somehow, they will not be able to interpret it.

This VPN will also keep you safe while torrenting, as it encrypts the traffic. Like the paid versions, it is compatible with almost all devices, including laptops, desktops, computers, etc.

There are other good free VPNs available in the market too, but they offer a few limitations. Some of them are mentioned below:

#1. Slow Connection

If you are not paying for services, you will not get the most out of it. Often, free VPNs push you to slower servers, thereby making it difficult for you to stream videos, download things from torrents, etc.

#2. Limited Locations

Paid VPNs offer numerous server options for you to join from all around the world. Free VPNs provide access only to limited servers. Thus, you may not be able to visit your desired websites using free variants.

#3. Limited Availability

Free VPNs fail to provide customer service. That may not be a problem if you are well versed in using VPNs. However, it is a downside if you are not that tech-savvy, which is your first time using VPNs.

#4. Limited Data Usage

Free VPNs encrypt the data while transferring them. This process increases the data usage by ten to fifteen percent, limiting the amount of data you can use daily.

Final Thoughts

It is a myth that free VPNs are not safe and provides access only to specific websites. Free VPNs are good when offered by a trusted and reliable company. Moreover, the quality of the services offered also depends on what you are using the VPN for.

They work best when used to surf the net, download things from torrents, whereas they offer laidback services when using it for doing transactions overseas. When using free VPNs, make sure to use the product of a company that offers a paid version as well.

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