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Download Facetime App And Connect Friends Easily

It is not about the time to meet and show the face to boss. The FaceTime app is an application which allows doing the video chatting. The application has been developed by Apple. Although it has been developed by Apple, the application could be accessed openly. It means it is an open access application. The users can use the application to do the video chatting on wide range of operating platforms. It is also to be noted in this regard that during use the application, other platforms can easily control the mode of action.

However, practically it is available till date on Apple platform, but in very near future it could be accessed on other operating systems also. The price of this application is also too low. Apple has made it available only for 99 cents. It is clear that Apple is trying to encourage the users to do video chat using the Apple devices.

The mode of use for Facetime

The mode of use of FaceTime app depends on the device that is being used. If someone is using his or her iPhone and wants to call others then the video calling can be done just by pressing the contact number. On the other hand if the app is used on iPad, iPod Touch or Mac computer, then he or she has to type the email address of the person to be contacted. There is a good or bad news regarding the application. When someone is receiving the call, it rings on all of his or her Apple devices. It is simultaneously good and bad feature of the application. The good thing is the person never skips the call and the bad feature is all devices would ring. However this feature can be turned off by the user.

The prerequisites to start with Facetime application

Let’s see how can be the calling feature started:

  1. Firstly the user should have the required hardware. The user should have an Apple device to use the video calling app. The device should have a video calling camera. If the user is going to operate the application on his or her Mac, then the application has to be downloaded from Apple.
  2. There should be dedicated account to use the application. The user has to open the app for first time and should register or create an account to enjoy the video calling.
  3. The last but not the least is to find a friend to connect.

It is all about the basics how to download FaceTime app and use it.

How to make the call?

Let’s see how to do FaceTime video calling or audio calling below–

  • While the user is operating the application of phone, he or she has to tap on the application icon and after that invite the friend in the video chat. It is so simple.
  • When someone is calling the friend through the contact list of the phone, the video calling could be activated right from there. There would be a dedicated option to start.
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