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Best 5 Ways To Boost Mobile Adoption Rate

mobile app adoption rates

The app stores are inundated with apps. While the Apple app store boasts of over 1,50,000 apps, the play store has plainly outstripped Apple with 1,600,000 apps.

With so many apps floating in the market place, (with mobile app adoption rates) needless to say, users have become quite choosy and showing their backs to apps that fail to whet their appetite.

So, as an app developer do you wish that your app gets the desired traction? Then don’t just thumb through these tips, ensure to embed them in your app’s functionality as well.

5 Tips To Propel Mobile App Adoption Rates

So, as mentioned in topic and above, here we are going to share the most useful and infomative tips about how you can boost mobile app adoption rates from your end.

#1. Focus First Use Experience

By all known reckoning, significant numbers of apps are used ‘just once.’ So, the big question is: What’s wrong? Why the app users aren’t enthused enough to use apps once again, let alone over and over again?

The problem, in all probability, lies with structuring part. If the app interface isn’t structured enough to adapt to the user’s current level of expertise, the user might just get disinterested, and might as well just drop or delete the app.

On the contrary, if the on-boarding part is clearly fleshed out, step-by-step, that is, chances of users sticking to your apps increases several times. But then, avoid boring app interface walk-throughs. Users are looking for quick-fixes, not encyclopedic tombs.

#2. Focus on App Launch Campaigns

Yes, app marketing shouldn’t be taken lightly. In fact, from the word go, both the app developers and app marketers should join hands to make their app a super success.

For this, one should go ahead and build a cross-functional team, comprising both app developers and marketers, for a suitable rollout of the app.

You could even plan internal contests, whisper campaigns within the company premises, posters, email campaigns and so forth.

#3. Focus on Periodic Rewards

Apps need to extract data from the users first, before they start delivering anything of value to them. On the basis of the gathered data, apps determine their messaging strategies.

But then, if you intend to draw a good amount of data from the users, ensure to reward them on a periodic basis. And, more importantly, if you are engaging with a first-time user, go right ahead and deliver an instant benefit.

#4. Focus on Analytic Tools

Analytic tools offer information on app’s performance in the app store. Performance could be regarding downloads and even usage of apps. Such data help make real-time decisions in terms of appearance and feature of apps.

#5. Focus On Iterations

App re-launches are a commonplace backed by iterations. Whether it’s a consumer app or an enterprise, focus on updates and iterations on a regular basis. Nope! You shouldn’t ignore this at any cost, because it’s essential to modify apps as per the changing user requirements.

Given the over availability of apps in every domain, app discovery, undoubtedly, is a challenge in itself, but then active and repeat usage of apps are proving to be greater challenge.

Which means that app developers need to dedicate more time and resources to chalk out various strategies to keep their apps out of the churn rate, and in turn boost their adoption.

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