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How To Make The Android Phone Your Co-Writer

Android Co-Writer

Writing is a creative process that never goes the same way. Even the most experienced writers sometimes have a problem starting a text. Those first, opening lines, are rarely easy to come by, and many people can take days before finding the proper beginning for their story. Luckily, the progress of technology allows people to improve their performance. We are going to see how smart apps can help writers do their job better, and faster.

Android apps that help with writing
Smart devices are nowadays essential parts of our lives. We use them not only to stay in touch but also to finish our work, acquire new info, etc. Professional writers need all the help they can get if they want to reach all deadlines, and there are many Android apps that offer real help. Let’s see what some of the best have to offer.


[appbox googleplay id=com.jotterpad.x]

This is a great tool for all screenwriters, novel creators, and other creative writers, both professional and beginners. A lot of people that write papers for money or work for writing service use this app is it offers a whole variety of great functions. Next to usual functions that other word processors offer, this app allows you to choose different typefaces that will give your text a beautiful appearance. In addition, you can upload all of your work to a cloud and keep it there. This will allow you access to your files even from other devices. There are different formats in which you can publish your work once you’re done. There are a lot of helpful screenwriting features, as well as an extensive dictionary for unknown terms and rhyming.

Writers Outlet

[appbox googleplay id=io.vrinda.writersoutlets]

This is a great place to find inspiration, connect with other writers and publish your own work. Writers Outlet, also, allows writers to share their social network accounts, so their work and news could be seen outside the app. You can invite a writer to help you with your work and end cooperation any time you wish. Also, you can read other published work, and get inspiration for your own writing. In the end, this can also serve as a platform to buy research paper online, if you ever need it. It’s simple, you just need to enter the genre that you’re interested in, and all available documents regarding this genre will appear on the screen. All that’s left to do in the end is find a topic that you’re interested in. It doesn’t get any simpler!

Write with me

This is an amazing app for people that like collaborative writing. You can invite different people and simply say “This is a team that writes my paper”. All writers take turns and write one paragraph at the time. The entire group gives negative or positive votes for each paragraph, and the Moderator can decide which paragraph to keep. Members of the project can leave any time they decide if they prefer not to be the part of a particular project. The Moderator (the person that started the project) can also remove any participant or cancel the invitation.


[appbox googleplay id=com.viettran.INKredible]

This is a wonderful Android app that allows you to use your own handwriting in order to create text. It gives a real pen and paper writing experience for those that don’t like to type. Some people don’t like to use the keyboard when they write, or they need to create sketches, and this is what INKredible offers. It’s not unusual for writers to sketch the layout of their article or some part of their screenplay. INKredible is a truly amazing handwriting app, especially for those who like to do things the old way.

Book Writer

[appbox googleplay id=com.itagsoft.bookwriter]

When you’re writing a book, you need to keep your chapters organized, in case you want to edit something later or decide to remove or replace a certain chapter. Book Writer is an Android app that helps you organize your work. More than that, this amazing piece of tech allows you to read other people’s published work, and rate it. You can also publish your work, and allow people to read and rate your writing. Since users get access to other people’s work, this is a great place for inspiration. This is especially effective if you need to work fast and you don’t want to hire a writing service.

In order to find inspiration or get help with formatting and editing their work, writers all over the world use help anywhere they can. These Android apps are able to help you in more than one way, and most of them are free to use. We hope that this article is helpful and that you will increase your performance and the quality of your work with them. If you have any other similar apps that people might find interesting, let us know in the comments section.

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