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Top Three Trends for Smart Telemarketer

Despite of soaring popularity of social media for B2B marketers, Tele-marketing still holds a good position, not to be ignored at all (especially in lead generation). It is one of the most popular and ever evolving marketing channel.

Tele-marketing is more than just initiating a conversation with existing customers or prospects. Unlike other marketing professionals, telemarketers can get away with major part of marketing like research and analysis of customers’ buying behaviour. As a tele-marketing professional you need to follow latest trends in the industry as well as in tele marketing field in order to accelerate your sales.

Below are few tele-marketing trends that every smart tele-marketer must follow. Get maximum ROI by either following any one of them or all three tele-marketing trends.

Industry Specific

Industry specific trend in tele-marketing is nothing but a market trend where in all target customer are in mode of buying, investing or so. This varies from season to season, and industry to industry, as for each industry the lucrative season to make profitable sales is different. It has to do more with seasons like summer, spring, festivals like 4th July, Christmas, Easter, New Year, and for some religious too. For some industries they do more business in certain seasons of the year, thus it’s considered to be most important and crucial period for them to make decisions and take actions. So, you must roll out your tele-marketing campaigns during that period to reap maximum profit.

Regional or Territories based

Some of the marketing trends and drives are restricted only for certain part for the globe or countries. There are some exclusive market trends and movements which occur in certain part of the world, and also sometimes in different regions for same country. This implies to seasonal changes, festivals, and other important period like country specific historical events, religious festivals, and patriotic days. These regional trends are location oriented and moves according to local people, their interest and religious beliefs. So put on your marketing hat and check out what’s happening at the other part of the world, or at the other end to the country, and formulate your tele-marketing campaigns accordingly.

Market Driven Campaigns

Sometimes trends are not steer lead by the industry, or industry pioneers but the market and consumer themselves.  Unlike other marketing trends, market driven trends are more likely to be influenced by key elements of what makes the market, like views point of vendors, retailers, also the perspective of existing customers and prospects trends by industry. So, before launching any tele-marketing initiatives make sure you take a close look into what drives market and then initiate target marketing accordingly.

All the above mentioned tele-marketing trends are not going to fade soon. However, before following any trend understand your organization’s business objective, marketing goal, how tele-marketing can increase sales and what are marketing challenges you might face, only then you pick the trend that suits you best. After all, everything said and done it’s not about size or quantity, it’s about maximum ROI and qualified leads, isn’t? So, follow all above mentioned influencing tele-marketing trends and bring maximum business opportunities and profits.

Michael is the Marketing Manager at Ampliz, specializing in email and Business phone appending, editing blogs, case studies, and guides.  He tries to make the world just a bit more pleasant enough by working on strategies that would help them prevent and eliminate spam in terms of email marketing.

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