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Metrics To Gauge User Engagement In Mobile Apps

User Engagement In Mobile Apps

Apart from the aspects of clicking, ratings and evaluating app downloads the main value proposition is also an important factor contributing to a mobile app’s success. The reason for the app and its targets has to be well delineated to assist in this process.

Generating a great user experience is a must for brands with respect to the user needs. An app’s success depends mainly upon the user engagement and functioning of the app. The right metrics along with enhancements for the objectives have to be incorporated by the brands so that the apps experience an astounding success and some of the metrics are mentioned below.

Number of Downloads

For well thriving and prosperity of apps, the brands have to generate a large number of downloads.  This is the most vital metric related to user engagement as the main goal is to enhance and fortify a big user base.

It is a suggested move that comprehending and monitoring the origin points of app installation. The brand gets insight regarding the productivity of the branding schemes and channels.

Total Number of Users (new and old)

Monitoring mobile app users helps in augmented engagement with the user base. Instances include successful app branding schemes, monitoring traits and categorizing the audience. The metrics are observed as Daily Active Users, Weekly Active Users, Monthly Active Users and the such. They can be further fragmented on other factors like gender, age, demography etc. Apart from gauging the engagement factor, the metrics aid in the progress of the brand’s app.

Active App Users

This terminology is not related to the installation and download metrics but rather it signifies if the users are making use of the app on a consistent basis instead of just downloading the app. The metrics provide a foundation to get an insight on the app’s progress.

Some of the metrics which provide good comprehension of a brand’s app usage include Daily Active Users, Weekly Active Users, Monthly Active Users and Stickiness. The number related to active users in a brand’s mobile app must surpass the number related to the app’s new users. This signifies that there are also recurring app users.

In some instances, the terminology ‘active users’ may be related to that of ‘sessions’. To quote an example Google Analytics determines a user session when the user avails an app till an inactivity period of 30 minutes. Stickiness signifies whether the features incorporated in the app make it enthralling or rather sticky. The brand will get insight regarding the main areas of the app related to user engagement.

Session Interval

This period occurs between two successive app sessions and it validates the consistency related to which the user avails the app. This is an effective methodology to gauge the compulsive rate as it tells the time within which the users are availing the app once more instantly or after some time. This signifies the retention value and provides data for modifications in the future.

Session Length

This is the time interval which takes place between the opening and closing of an app by the user. In simple words, it is the time frame between the first activity and the final activity which a user does with respect to availing an app. If the time factor related to this is higher, it signifies more engagement. Not taking the session length and number of sessions per day parameters into account, the app developers can narrow down on the users who consume a lot of time in the app so as to enhance the user experience for the user base whose engagement factor with relation to the app is minimal.

Time in The App

This denotes the time for which a user stays on a brand’s app. It is related to session frequency and session length which signifies the time period related to which users avail the app with relation to daily, weekly or monthly basis. Again as related to the aforementioned metrics, this statistic assists the brand and the app developers to comprehend and get insight related to the user traits and the app manipulation sequences and methods.

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