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Deploying Node.js Applications on AWS EC2

Learn more about how to install Node.js apps on AWS EC2. This blog posts talks about choosing the right instance, setting up the system, configuring security, and automating release for the best performance.

Node.js Applications on AWS EC2

Learn how to put Node.js apps on AWS EC2. Find out how to start instances, set up Node.js, manage security groups, and make sure that your cloud-based app can grow and is safe.

AWS is a cloud-based platform where we can get cloud-based tools and resources for developing cloud-based applications, build IT infrastructure on the cloud that is secure and safe to use, and use them as a subscription-based model.

It is like renting a server machine to pay as you go that can compute and store large amounts of data as per unique business requirements. Amazon Web Services also offers AWS EC2, which is a pay-as-you-go service.

It is basically a web-based service that provides resizable computation capacity on the cloud. In this blog, we will learn how to deploy Node.js applications on AWS EC2 in detail.

What does AWS EC2 mean?

Find out the exact steps you need to take to launch Node.js apps on AWS EC2. Find out how to set up your server, customize your setup, and make your deployment run faster and be more flexible.

Deploying Node.js Applications

The acronym AWS EC2 stands for Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud.

It is a cloud web-based service that is provided on the AWS platform to allow users to launch virtual servers that can resize the computation capacity, which can support multiple operating systems and configurations.

In this way, we can access high-configuration machines using low-configuration machines by connecting to the AWS cloud account.

This saves lots of money on costly or expensive server machines. The main benefits of AWS EC2 are its auto-scaling ability and load balancing.

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How do I deploy Node.js applications on AWS EC2?

  • First of all, log in to AWS cloud account with your user ID and password. Launch the EC2 instance with desired operating system, like Ubuntu.
  • Secondly, Connect to EC2 instance using SSH
  • Thirdly, update system package and install Node.js and NPM.
  • Fourthly, transfer the application source code to EC2 instance (Secure copy protocol or GIT)
  • Fifthly, install dependencies for Node.js applications using the Node.js package manager
  • Sixthly, use PM2 for process management
  • Seventhly, configure security groups for port access
  • Lastly, Set up reverse proxy with Nginx

Benefits of deploying Node.js applications of AWS EC2

There are multiple benefits of deploying Node.js applications on AWS EC2. Some of them are summarized as given below: –

Benefits of deploying Node.js applications

#1. Improve Scalability of business applications

Employees or staff of the organization or firm make use business applications. At times, business owners might want to increase the team size and composition.

If the application is not capable of scaling as per the unique business requirements, then we might face challenges during business expansion.

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#2. Flexibility to choose cloud-based tools

AWS EC2 allows us to use variety of development tools, popular integrated development environment, various types of relational database management systems, and testing frameworks.

#3. Integration with third-part application

At times, we need to build API for integrating third-party applications in cloud-based applications to save on development time and cost. For this purpose, deploying Node.js Applications on AWS EC2 can be a great idea.

#4. Cost-effective

Purchasing server machines can be an expensive affair for mid-sized and small business owners. That is why they rent high-end machines with greater computational skills, storage capacity, and memory power.

These cloud-based rented machines can be accessed using virtual servers, where multiple operating systems can be configured as per unique business requirements.

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#5. robust and secure environment

AWS EC2 provides a robust and secure platform environment for storing sensitive data about the organization and keeping it safe from the reach of data hackers, network intruders, and cybercriminals who steal valuable data about the company by gaining unauthorized access to cloud resources.

Tips for selecting the best NodeJS development company

Find out what you need to do to get Node.js apps running on AWS EC2. Learn how to set up your server, customize your setup, and launch your app so that you can get the most out of AWS infrastructure.

#1. Search on net

Using popular search engines like Google, Bing, or Yandex, we can search for NodeJS development-related keywords and find the search engine result pages that offer NodeJS development services.

These search results might show paid ads that appear at the top, which NodeJS Development Company invests in to gain more clients.

#2. Visiting professional websites of NodeJS Development Company

By visiting the official website of the NodeJS development company, we can gain valuable information about the company background, the NodeJS development services they offer, the experience and expertise their NodeJS development team has, and their proven track record in delivering high-end NodeJS applications and deploying them on AWS EC2.

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#3. Exploring social media profiles of NodeJS Development Company

We can also explore the social profiles of NodeJS Development Company and follow them to stay ahead with the latest trends and update about NodeJS and aws EC2. They post several social posts to keep their subscribers updated with the latest technological advancement.

#4. Looking for Nodejs Company on business directory sites

Node.js applications are fast, secure, and highly scalable. That is why business owners prefer to build business application using NodeJS.

The selection of the right NodeJS development company helps us build cost-effective NodeJS solutions that solve complicated business problems.

For this purpose, we can search for NodeJS Development Company on business directory websites like Google My Business, Yelp, or Bing Businesses.

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#5. Hiring AWS consultants

To implement cloud-based solutions in business, we need a powerful and cost-effective cloud strategy. AWS cloud consultants can help business owners identify areas where cloud-based applications can be deployed to increase efficiency and enhance productivity at work.

To sum up, we can say that NodeJS applications can be deployed on AWS EC2 easily. We need to launch the EC2 with appropriate operating systems from the AWS console, install and update NodeJS and the NodeJS package manager, and download all dependencies required for smooth operations of NodeJS applications.

This helps us make use of low-end computers to access high-end computers on the cloud and perform data-intensive tasks, which might be a costly affair for businesses when they have to perform the same task by purchasing high-end computing servers.

AWS EC2 provides a renting machine that is based on a subscription-type model like that of a pay-as-you-go service, which means that we are charged only for the space, memory, and bandwidth we use and not for the ones we do not use.

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