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The Essential Elements for Your E-commerce Websites in 2023

E-commerce Website elements

Online business is a trend today. We all know that it takes a lot of effort to build a business and create its prominence among its customers and if it an online business, then Google rankings are the trademark for growth.

If you are planning to have an online business or already have one, few important things are mandatory for the business to have.

If anything doesn’t fall in place in terms of planning, strategy, marketing or design, then the website might not work well on search engines.

If there is an e-commerce plan or a website, then it is considered an original plan only that sells products online.

Therefore, original design, easy navigation, mobile responsiveness, call to action, etc. these elements are imperative for every e-commerce website.

Ten Elements for E-commerce Websites

Here, it becomes easy for the online website owner to follow a basic e-commerce website to succeed and do well in the business online.

Use latest technologies, basic standards, and techniques to build prominence on the web and generate many leads resulting in huge conversions.

Another aspect of building a good e-commerce website is getting a well-established team of web builders, web designers, and professionals to create a user-friendly website with all the features of SEO and security installations.

Other than this, there are new trends and a unique e-commerce website like – 360-degree product previews, animation, advanced filtering, and dynamic product search.

Though these latest trends do not guarantee great conversion rates, you will surely get a boost in rankings and great user experiences. This article will have certain elements that every e-commerce website should have to stay competitive in the online world.

#1. Using High Quality and Optimized Images

Optimized ImagesThe image plays an important role in attracting potential customers to your website.

The images shall be of high quality and should be properly optimized with high-resolution images that appeal to the visitors and ultimately end up buying the product.

Also, make sure heavy images do not kill the page load time of the website.

Therefore, every website designer needs to have good quality images, even if there are multiple images of the same product.

#2. Easy Navigation and User-Friendly Design

Easy Navigation

E-commerce business runs based on a good website. Therefore, a good website is the foundation of your e-commerce business that would attract visitors to build good traffic.

In online business, website design plays a vital role which helps to convert potential customers into buyers.

Easy navigation helps visitors be there for some time on the website and support them to find the desired products.

#3. Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly WebsiteGoogle recently declared that mobile-friendly would be helping in building the traffic on the search engines.

If your e-commerce website is not a mobile-friendly version by 2017, it will have to suffer SEO consequences.

Moreover, the content needs to be designed so that it is easy to surf on a mobile.

Overall a good web responsive site and mobile-friendly version are well-accepted among the customers who are also great for SEO and bringing conversions.

#4. A Catchy Call to Action is a Must

Catchy Call to ActionLeaving your visitors or customers with a call to action that catches their attention is very important.

The call-to-action is the right marketing tactic and an advertisement punch that grabs your customer’s attention towards your product or service and transforms the potential customers into prospective buyers.

In 2018, many e-commerce websites are using very clear messages and call to action for their readers and visitors.

#5. Credibility Leads to Trust

Leads to TrustTrust is always an important part of online business, as everything is digital, so to gain customers’ trust earning credibility and establishing the level of trust is very important.

Few factors like it should look more professional. It should have a feel of a face-to-face visit with easy navigation and many others, which help gain trust and maintain the credibility of the online business.

In a nutshell, five items construct credibility that includes – Value, Trust, Comfort and Confidence.

#6. Page Load Speed (W3C Standards)

Page Load SpeedPage load time for a webpage is a very important factor as this helps to put the customer at ease while surfing your website for products and services.

When the page speed is lower, it is a big hassle for the customers to look for what they want.

The fast loading speed creates a great impression in front of the visitors, which reduces the bounce rate. Usually, the load speed time is between 2 to 3 seconds.

This ideal page load speed is achievable when your website HTML code is W3C with valid accreditations meeting all the company standards.

#7. Secure Checkout Process

Secure CheckoutWhen it is an E-commerce website, there has to be a payment gateway for the customers to buy your product or services.

To execute this, there is a checkout page for the customers where they put in their login details and buy the product with online transactions.

This process needs to be secured with the best of the checkout pages that are safe, easy, and user-friendly.

#8. Flash Customer Ratings of Different Products with its Features

Customer RatingsOn an e-commerce website, many products and services are flashed for the customers.

In addition, there are numerous product features and descriptions that are crucial for the customers to know that eventually help them make the best choice.

A unique way is to flash the product features in the right way with all the details to make it easy for them to buy and stay on the website.

#9. Security of SSL certificate

SSL certificateEstablishing secure connectivity between the browser and the user’s website is a must to protect your e-commerce website from hackers and phishing activities.

Install an SSL certificate like RapidSSL to get strong encryption of data for your website.

SSL Certificate provides an HTTPS security feature with a green padlock icon in the address bar, which is a direct trusting feature for the website.

This gives extra protection to your e-commerce website and helps in conversions.

#10. Get Reliable Accounting System

Reliable Accounting SystemE-commerce platforms will handle all of your billing and payment processing for you, but what about the other side?

To manage expenses, you’re going to need a reliable accounting app. Ideally, you’ll get something that integrates with your e-commerce platform of choice.

Once you start having expenses (inventory costs, software expense, even payroll), you’ll want to make sure that’s logged in your accounting system, so you know not just how much you’re making in revenue but how much you’re taking home.

Give some Special Offers

In 2018 – for your e-commerce website, try giving special offers as much as you can. Who can do this with the help of different marketing practices like social, text, email, etc.?

Give your shoppers some catch to come to your website or flash some festive offers. This will motivate them to come to your e-commerce website and spend some more time on it.

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