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5 ‘Anytime Anywhere’ Casio Men Watches

All men have that one favourite T-shirt or shirt or trouser they can’t part with, isn’t it? That one go-to piece of clothing that goes with just about everything; that is worn immediately after it comes out of a wash, every single time. Much like that, most men have that one wristwatch that’s heads and shoulder above all else.

As much as a personal collection beaming with every style under the sun sets it up for most men, the one watch that works for every occasion is what men really eye. Versatility and style can make a watch work with any outfit–yes, even that one t-shirt. But here’s the best part, a versatile timepiece works for all men — from avid watch enthusiasts to the everyday practical fellows. Bottom line — every man needs an ‘anytime anywhere ‘timepiece.

But how do you spot that one piece from among the countless variants out there?
Simple! Just zero in on the brand that’s known to fit all tastes and choices, intents and purposes–Casio! The technological prowess of the Japanese brand combined with a keen sense of modern aesthetics makes Casio a great choice for every man. Although readily available in the Indian market, it’s always best to go to certified retailers for bona fide pieces. So you can shop for your Casio watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques, knowing that you’ve got the trusted stamp of one of the biggest watch retailers in India.

We’ve gathered some of our favourites that can pair up just as perfectly with a suited and booted look as with shorts and sneakers. So whether you’re dressing up for a formal business do, stepping out for a night out on the town, or enjoying a casual day with your crew, These 6 Casio watches will get you ready for any occasion:

casio-beside-bem-100d-7avdfCasio Beside BEM-100D-7AVDF

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to versatile wristwatches.

Keeping it basic in form and functionality goes a long way in making a timepiece work for every occasion.

This Casio model nails the simplistic style sense with a sophisticated flair that transitions perfectly from boardroom to beach effortlessly.

The dial is neat and clean, the metallic strap is an all-time winner and the square casing wraps it up with an edgy finish – what more could you want?

casio-beside-bem-501l-1avdfCasio Beside BEM-501L-1AVDF

Casio shows us that you just can’t go wrong with black, steel and leather –the holy trinity of timeless timekeeping!

Uncomplicated dials are preferred for a versatile look, but we can’t help but lean towards the riveting details on these complications.

I’m happy to replace a clutter-free dial with increased complications to maximize versatility in functionalities. Wouldn’t you be, if it means you get to don this super stylish and super functional chronograph?

casio-enticer-mtd-1075d-1a1vdfCasio Enticer MTD-1075D-1A1VDF

True to its name, this Casio model does not fail to entice the wearer (or onlooker!).

The trick to choosing the right timepiece is to look for one that packs style and substance in equal proportions.

You should also keep a keen eye on the quality of movements.

Being a Tissot, this one nails all the parameters with flying colours.

casio-enticer-mtp-1375l-7avdfCasio Enticer MTP-1375L-7AVDF

They say excellence is in the details and a close look at this Tissot bestseller tells us just why.

Working on the traditional black leather strap and steel dial combo, this model packs an excellent package of details that you just can’t miss, be it in design or features.

An ever so lightly textured dial and simple white thread work along the strap sets the tone for a fashionable fusion of design and functionalities.

casio-standard-mtp-1384l-1avdfCasio Standard MTP-1384L-1AVDF

It’s got the black, it’s got the leather, it’s got the uncomplicated dial, but it’s substituted the traditional steel for a rose gold finish. Result?

You’ve got a traditional ticker with a modish upgrade –the epitome of the modern man’s versatility in terms of style and aesthetics.

Experts advise against going for ‘trendy’ options, and while some might argue that the rose gold trend is on its way out, I’d like to point out that it’s a completely retro style that’s not going away anywhere.

Even with the stiff competition from contemporary designs, I can bet my bottom dollar it will very much be afloat and rule, so just hang on to this beauty nice and tight! And sure, it’s more rich in colour than any of our other models, but it’s a perfectly wearable watch in its own right –given you’ve got the character to carry it off!

All you’ve got to remember while choosing a versatile timepiece is to strike the right balance between style and substance. And these Casio watches are going to be a winner paired with anything and everything from tuxedos to tees.

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