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Month : August 2017


What Are the Legal Issues Behind GPS Tracking?

Sandeep Dharak
The technology of global positioning system or GPS has revolutionized the way we live in terms of obtaining location information for personal knowledge and peace of mind. For instance, with the use of GPS technology, a lot of parents are able to track the whereabouts of their children and ensure......

Steps of Recovery While Using Data Recovery Softwares

Sandeep Dharak
An owner of a business has to bear many risks to run it and the reward for that risk is earned by him. But one doesn’t want to increase risk to increase the reward. It is not always true that bigger the risk, bigger will be the reward for it.......

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features, Specification & Rumors

Sandeep Dharak
Samsung Galaxy S series always come in one of the anticipated smartphone of all time, All the Addition which had been launched in the past has a Splendid response. User response was too good no matter which year they released but now in 2018 company ready to release its most......
Digital Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Ads Manager 2017

Sandeep Dharak
There are more than 2 billion people are using Facebook. For your online marketing and branding, you know how big platform Facebook has created. You can reach your target audience throughout the world through Facebook. Facebook ads help you to reach your post to your desired audience and automatically advertise......

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites From One Dashboard

Sandeep Dharak
Managing Multiple WordPress websites is not easy. Although WordPress as a CMS is easy and very simple to manage, multiple admin panels may be very difficult. The process is also time-consuming. When it comes to multiple websites, you need to update plugins and themes individually. Thereafter, you should keep close......

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