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Samsung Galaxy S9: Is It Worth To Buy Samsung Galaxy S9?

Samsung Galaxy S9

Are you willing to spend more than 800 euros that Galaxy S8 phone costs now (although there are offers for just fewer than 600 euros)? So, if anything will have served you read this analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S9 to realize that this mobile is worth every euro of its price.

And not only because it offers a spectacular design, a screen, and a camera, which we can also find in other high-end alternatives of competition, but because it offers all that at the same time in a hi-class manner: on other flagships, however, not always we will find this robust combination of these three characteristics.

How much does the Galaxy S8 cost? 700 euros is the current price, but there are offers of versions imported for less than 600 €.

With the exception of the LG G6, in all other high-end phones we will find some significant “but” in the sections “Design”, “Screen” or “Camera”, The Sony Xperia XZ Premium reaches the remarkable high in the sections of screen and camera, but the same cannot be said of its design; The Huawei P10 comes out well in the screen section, and its camera is not bad, but in design also remains a step behind the South Koreans; The iPhone 7 Plus, until the new iPhone 8 arrives, also has some other but compared to the new Samsung.

After all these smartphones, if any phone has a unique modish display then it is of Samsung’s next G series’ legend smartphone – The Samsung Galaxy S9. We can find the major details about this upcoming legend smartphone, Galaxy S9, in the following sections.

Of course, the “Design” is one of the most subjective sections that can be found in the review of any mobile. It is perfectly logical that there are those who prefer the phones with frames on the screen (that is why it is easier to put a screen saver, they are easier to hold and it does not seem that they can break with the first fall), but we particularly feel that the screens without frameworks aim to be the future trend of smartphones from here to the next few years.

Hence, we value their presence in the analyses so positively. According to the Korean publication, Bell, Samsung will use modern screen technology in the S9 phone which offers you an edge-to-edge display concept, an AMOLED 4K screen powerfully protected with Corning Gorilla Glass which will not let your smartphone to get damaged if somehow, phone comes in contact with water or by the action of dust particles.

Using your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone

One of the details that we least liked about the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the location of the fingerprint reader (not its operation, which is very good). It is true that in this model it is somewhat more comfortable to access it, but the truth is that it is not very ergonomic and, therefore, on many occasions, the task becomes something heavy.

Of course, we remember that this model includes other security solutions such as face recognition and iris. After all these botheration in Galaxy S8, finally, we might enjoy the interesting comfortable fingerprint reader in Galaxy S9 as the designers have been changed the fingerprint scanner location so as the user couldn’t face any problem and run it comfortably without smudging the camera lens as in the case with Galaxy S8.

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