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The Importance of Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plan

WordPress maintenance is a crucial aspect of managing a WordPress website. It involves regular updates, backups, and monitoring to ensure the website remains secure, optimized, and up-to-date.

Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plan

WordPress updates include core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates, which often include bug fixes, security patches, and performance improvements.

Regular backups are essential to protect against data loss and allow for easy recovery in unforeseen issues. Monitoring involves checking for website performance, uptime, and security vulnerabilities and taking appropriate measures to address any issues.

WordPress maintenance also includes optimizing website speed, managing user accounts, and ensuring the website remains compatible with different browsers and devices.

Proper WordPress maintenance helps to ensure a smooth and secure functioning website, enhances user experience, and protects the website from potential security threats, making it an essential practice for website owners.

Importance of Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plan

When it comes to creating a Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plan for your WordPress website, the process demands organizing tasks that you perform daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly into the following primary categories:

  • Backups
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Plugin Maintenance
  • Theme Maintenance
  • Overall Site Health
  • Content Health

Since a lot of money, time, and efforts go into developing a website that works well, you need to take ample measures to protect it.

This is possible via having a maintenance plan in place. Now the question is why you need one and how to create it:

Importance of WordPress Maintenance Plan

#1. Protect your Investment

It is not wise to risk your investment. So before completing the website, have a crystal clear roadmap for expectations once it is created.

A preliminary plan in place of things to expect later will help you save your investment and get rewards month after month.

#2. A Plan is Necessary

Hiring a website design and development agency to create a website for your company is a huge investment. The web design agency will plan, design, strategize, create, develop, test, approve, and deliver the final output.

However, leaving the new site on old hosting plans and servers is no fun. There is no possible way of ever restoring it most of the time! Without help, your website may be hacked, destroyed, and deleted.

The host company may not have a backup! If they do, you will be charged a hefty amount for it. So it is crucial that you have a professional freelance WordPress developer or reputed web design and development agency committed to helping you offer aftercare services and monthly maintenance programs.

#3. Constant Support and Updates

Plugins installed on your website without regular updates can attract hackers easily. Remember that each plugin installed on your website ensures an opportunity for a hacker to creep in.

First, you must focus on checking and performing updates on your site regularly. If you are too busy to do so, hire a professional. A cleanly coded site will not create problems while creating updates.

There may be times when facing conflicting “glitches” with one of the wordpress features added with a plugin through the update.

If you are not very regular with updates, consumers will find this out. This makes you lose customers. Request your web development agency to go in and fix the issue.

#4. Monthly Website Maintenance

Sometimes randomly, forms stop submitting and work correctly. Any number of things can cause this:

  • Configuration issues and the website email servers have gone bad.
  • The form call functions are disabled or not working properly.
  • A hacker could get into your website and install malware that caused the forms not to work anymore or for other reasons.

One of the major issues website owners faces is related to forms that don’t get submitted correctly. These issues usually arise when the website is not tested thoroughly every month.

This could make you lose out on many sales, customers, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction. So make sure you hire a professional agency that can manage, test, fix, optimize, and make sure your website works properly.

#5. 24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Proper hosting is very important to make sure your website is always online. However, most of the time, even the best hosting will not be able to guarantee your website will be online 100%.

This is precisely where you require the services of a web development agency that keeps tabs on the uptime and downtime of your website 24/7/365. Rest on the website may cost you customers, sales, and customer experience.

There are several ways you can assess the reason for website downtime. A monthly maintenance plan will ensure consistent monitoring, management, and rest assessment.

#6. Proper WordPress Hosting

Having proper hosting in place is essential for your website. Hosting ensures the adept loading speed of your website. Studies have revealed that more than 5 seconds of waiting for a website to load can make visitors impatient and click off the website altogether.

They may switch over to a competitor’s website, never returning to your website again. So make double sure you get proper hosting combined with ample resources and bandwidth in place for handling the load of your website and visitors.

Find a hosting company that offers fair prices and top-notch products such as domain name registrations, email accounts, domain renewals, group calendars, domain transfers, online storage, SSL Certificates, etc. Daily malware scanning is also very essential.

#7. Emergency Plan

Emergencies don’t come with prior notification. Regardless of the number and type of preventative measures you implement, when your website goes down for some reason or the other, or when a hacker plans to creep into your website, they will find a way out.

This is also the reason you require having an emergency plan in place. So make double sure you are in touch with a web development company that manages the uptime of your website.

If the expert sees no way out, there needs to be some way to get a backup of your website, which will help them load onto a new and separate hosting server. This ensures little or no downtime for customers and saves your potential lost sales and customers.

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