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Speed Enhancement Plugin Review Guide and NitroPack WordPress

Speed Enhancement Plugin Review

With the rise of the internet and the introduction of all kinds of technologies being applied in a lot of aspects of businesses, new techniques and knowledge are required to make things work properly.

When it comes to companies, having an online presence is pretty much a requirement, something that is absolutely necessary to achieve success, even more, if you consider that more than half of the total population own devices like smartphones and computers which grant access to the internet.

In order to create a solid online presence, companies often rely on something known as digital marketing, which is a form of advertising that solely focuses on digital devices, which involve those computers and smartphones.

However, there are many aspects of businesses that go beyond engaging in a successful advertising campaign, and owning a well-designed website that works perfectly is one of those things.

The Things That Matter 

There are many aspects that can be involved in the process of creating a well-designed website. Of course, the aesthetics aspects of the website are one of those. Aesthetically speaking, a website should provide enough information without being too vague or too overwhelming, achieving a balance between simplicity and information.

The aesthetical aspects of a website also involve things like the correct selection of color palettes, the fonts, the design of buttons and functional components like menus and search features, as well as the pictures that will be used.

There’s also a functional aspect of a website, which is as important. This part of web-designing is what makes people come to your website instead of others, and it pretty much involves what the site has to offer in terms of applications and software. For example, how an online store sells its product through a selection of products, carefully organized, in where clients can filter the results of their search to obtain exactly what they are looking for.

Besides all of those things, there’s another thing that matters as well, perhaps as much, and that is the load speed of a website.

The Faster, the Better


Considering that we are now living in a very fast-paced world, the load speed of a website is very important. As claimed in this article over here, the level of attention people have at their disposal for everything related to technology and the internet, has been greatly reduced over the last couple of years.

The reason is simple: we now have access to several types of services, a lot of information, and a great variety of entertainment websites that get our attention on astronomical levels. Just take YouTube, for example, a website where you finish watching a video, and just seconds after that, you are receiving multiple recommendations to keep on watching.

Taking that into consideration, we have to agree that slow websites are unattractive and unappealing. I myself have stopped using certain services because they were too slow, including apps to read comics or smartphone games having problems with lag.

A slow website can pretty much kill all the attention a potential customer might have to what a company has to offer, which greatly reduces its sales and networking capabilities. This is commonly referred to as a bounce rate, in which people immediately bounce out of your website without actually checking what it has to offer.

Believe it or not, a low bounce rate is absolutely necessary if your website focuses on selling products or services since even having a couple of minutes of attention can be decisive in the process of getting even more interest through a website’s design and what it has to offer.

A good example of this is how a site that focuses on selling clothes, might catch the attention of people during the first two minutes of the browsing experience, just because a potential customer saw a design that picked his or her interest.

That is why, at times, regardless of whether a company is engaging in a very efficient digital marketing campaign, this aspect of web-designing can kill its efforts in a single go. This is because, if a website takes too much time to load its information (and pictures), the interest of the potential customer to check out the merchandise is long gone.

Why a Website Might Be Too Slow

Why a Website Might Be Too Slow

A website with too many components, functions, and information is bound to have problems with load speed, but these things can be worked around. For example, the server that is used to maintain all of the information of a website, from its functions to its customer data, can greatly determine the load speed of the site itself.

But the way a website is programmed is also important. In case you didn’t know, most software out there is created with the help of a programmer, which is someone who understands the logic behind a programming language, a computer language that is used to command computers to follow a certain pattern of orders, which are called code.

A code is a compound of programs that often use data and information outside of the code, to fulfill a need or achieve a specific function, and the final result is a program (also referred to as software).

Now, the way the code is structured can greatly influence the load speed of different functions and assets inside of a website, and this is because it is the code that allows the flow of data inside a server. Thankfully, programmers that are knowledgeable in the art of backend and frontend web designing can make use of different tools and software to speed up the flow of information inside of a site, and among those, NitroPack is among the most commonly used.

NitroPack as a Solution

NitroPack as a Solution

First of all, NitroPack is a WordPress-based plugin. WordPress is a well-known service that can be used to create websites since it contains a huge amount of templates.

Now, plugins are pieces of software that can be used to facilitate the whole process of web-designing or enhance certain aspects of a site, and as mentioned in this review of NitroPack WordPress plugin, some plugins are meant to enhance the experience of the users, and NitroPack focuses on enhancing the loading speed.

Of course, the effectiveness of a plugin is decided by the person in charge of applying it, as well as the website that will use it, but it is true that plugins like NitroPack can actually become very useful tools to solve specific problems and situations.

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