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Top 6 WordPress Anti-Spam Security Plugins

wordpress security plugins

Although WordPress is the widely used content management system on the web, it has some serious shortcomings. There are some grim issues regarding the WordPress that could leave you in strenuous situations. “Comment Spams” are one of them that can drastically affect the security of your site. This is something you will never want on your website. Fortunately, WordPress offers thousands of anti-spam plugins that will check your site to ensure whether there are any comment spams or not and removes them from your website.

With the help of anti-spam plugins, you can tighten the security of your site in minutes. In this blog post, we will uncover the list of six most powerful anti-spam WordPress plugins that will help you protect your site from spammers and other security threats. But before this, let’s explore the key features of Anti-spam plugins:

Least Client side actions

Your client side actions should be kept as low as possible when a user enters some additional information other than writing the comment. An anti-spam plugin should not ask your genuine commenter to enter captcha for comments or to check/uncheck a checkbox as this could significantly affect the user experience of your site. So, your plugins must avoid such things when a genuine user comments on your site.

Trackback validation

It is a filtration process that compares the client IP address of the incoming trackback with the IP address of the server. And if these two IP addresses don’t match, then it is a spam. So, always choose a plugin that can offer you the Trackback Validation functionality.

Block spam registrations

The WordPress registration page enables users to register on your site. The simplicity of the registration page allows automated spam bots to easily register on your site and post as many comments as possible. But you can block New User Registration spams by installing a great anti-spam plugin.

Minimum WordPress Database Impact

Choose an anti-spam plugin that enables the spam comment to be entered into the WordPress database. Once the comment enters in the database, the number of SQL transactions start decreasing, which automatically reduces the server load and improves the performance of the site (even during peak hours).

On-the-fly Statistics

An anti-spam plugin should provide a statistics functionality to help you keep tracking and analyzing your data on a regular basis. It should provide weekly or at least monthly statistics of detected spam.

Top 6 Anti-Spam plugins for WordPress

1. Akismet

[appbox wordpress akismet]

Akismet is the most sought-after anti-spam plugin for WordPress. It checks your comments against the Akismet Web service to see whether they look like a spam or not. It filters and displays the spam and offers you a spam-free website. There is a status history function for each comment that makes it easy to see which comments were caught by Akismet and which were spammed or unspammed by a moderator. Moderators display the number of approved comments for each user. Plus, there is a discard feature that immediately blocks the worst spam, which in turn saves your disk space and improves the performance of a site.

2. WordPress Zero Spam

[appbox wordpress zero-spam]

Another free anti-spam plugin for WordPress that can help you offer a spam free blog or site in minutes. You can install WordPress Zero Spam in your WordPress site to detect and block spam comments as well as registration spams with ease. The plugin supports couples of robust plugins such as Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, BuddyPress, etc. It also supports the caching plugins to boost the overall performance of your site. However, it doesn’t offer any captcha functionality to block comments, but still it is a worthy anti-spam plugin for WordPress sites.

3. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

[appbox wordpress wp-spamshield]

WP-Spam Shield Anti-Spam is a brilliant plugin that removes comment spam, contact form spam, registration spam and trackback spam from your WordPress site. This is a must-have plugin because most of the spams comes to your site are automated. The plugin includes two layers spam checking functionality to help you block spam bots as well as human spam. The two spam checking layers are:

(a) JavaScript/Cookies Anti-Spam Layer:

This particular layer works with a combination of JavaScript and cookies to detect the spambots from the humans and blocks each automated spam entering your site.

(b) Algorithmic Anti-Spam Layer:

Some of the spambots avoid the first layer and hence the Algorithmic Anti-Spam layer stops them to offer you a spam-free site. This layer consists more than 100 advanced filters to remove the trackback spams and human spams from your site.

4. Spam Destroyer

[appbox wordpress spam-destroyer]

Prevent your site against automated spams using this powerful anti-spam WordPress plugin. It is an intuitive and easy to use plugin that can help you offer a performance-oriented website by filtering your comment spams and minimizing the server load time.

5. WPBruiser

[appbox wordpress goodbye-captcha]

WPBruiser is an incredible anti-spam plugin for WordPress. Formerly, it was known as GoodBye Captcha. The plugin offers a ton of features that can help you filter spam-bot signups and spam comments from your site. It also helps you avoid the brute force attacks. Plus, it offers you all the statistics, maps, reports and charts to get insights with all blocked spam attempts. Even, it can block the IP addresses that are engaged in brute force attacks.

6. Spam Protection by CleanTalk

[appbox wordpress cleantalk-spam-protect]

This is an ideal plugin for encountering and eliminating comment spam, registration spam, contact form spam, no email spam from your site. CleanTalk is a free yet robust plugin that work with the premium Cloud Anti-Spam service to filter spambots from your site.


Comment spam can harm the usability and accessibility your website. If you want to host a spam free site or blog, you need to use a reliable anti-spam plugin that can search, filter and remove all kinds of spams in a quick and easy way.

Nitin Sevale is a WordPress Developer by profession and writer by hobby. He works about wordpress, design, developement and plugins related topics. He provides Best Freelance PSD To WordPress Theme Conversion Services to global clients.

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