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How To Use Winx DVD Ripper Platinum to Encode File

Winx DVD Ripper Platinum

Speak to Winx DVD Ripper Platinum, it refers to a tool usually used for copying and converting the audio and video content of a DVD to a file encoding with MP4, FLV, MKV, AVI, etc.

while DVDFab DVD Ripper does more than that. With more than 11 years of development focus on technology and user experience, DVDFab DVD Ripper serves as DVD decrypter, DVD converter, audio extractor, video edit artist in addition to a DVD ripper.

It has had all aspects of video experience need users may request covered.

Winx DVD Ripper Platinum to Encode File with MP4, FLV, MKV, AVI

Winx DVD Ripper Platinum has been marketing in multimedia area more than 11 years, and it specializes in the DVD decrypter for more than 11 years. It can remove all the known protections embedded on all kinds of DVD discs, either the newest blockbusters or the classical DVD discs, and never fails in doing this work.

Apart from it, DVDFab DVD Ripper is also a professional DVD region code remover. It can break the region code restrictions of all DVD discs and make the content totally accessible for you.

Powerful DVD ripper and converter with rich profile library

DVDFab DVD Ripper is equipped with a rich profile library covering all the mainstream audio formats, 2D & 3D video formats and all the popular devices.

What’s more, the profile library never be stopped growing with the newest formats and devices collected.

With it, you can rip the content off any DVD and convert it to not only the normal 2D & 3D video format, but also the most advanced format like 2D & 3D HEVC (H.265) formats, Passthrough formats, and the ultra-definition 4K video formats, even H.265 4K video formats and 3D 4K video formats.

You can also convert DVD to any devices in support of video playback, either your HTPC, or portable devices like smart phones, tablets, game consoles, etc.

Practical audio extractor with the mainstream audio formats profiles

DVDFab DVD Ripper is also a practical audio extractor that can extract the audio stream off any DVD and convert to any mainstream audio format like MP3, WMA, AAC, Audio Copy, etc., for your use in the dialogue or music joy or oral practice.

Professional video edit artist with various options and features

Apart from the basic functions a DVD ripper must have, DVDFab DVD Ripper is also designed with many nice-to-have. It makes the output content and effect totally in your control, you can customize the video to be what you like.

DVDFab DVD Ripper can recognize the correct structure of all DVDs, and shows all the titles and audio & subtitle stream after a DVD is imported in. You can select the titles, audio tracks and subtitles you want to keep in the result.

DVDFab’s Advanced Settings part gives you the power to set all the video and audio parameters like resolution, bit rate, sample rate, audio channels, video quality, etc., regarding the output video with various options provides.

Furthermore, an exclusive function of DVDFab DVD Ripper: Video edit feature, empowers users to do more.

With it, you can adjust the video effect like brightness, saturation, contrast, rotate the display area, trim any parts you need off by determining where they start and where they end not based on minute, but on second.

You can also crop the display area, add image or text watermarks, add external subtitles, etc.

DVD copier with impressive speed and astonishing quality output

With regard to the ripping and conversion, DVDFab DVD Ripper acts as a DVD copier to maximally keep the original quality while ensures the efficiency. It is simply started with a mouse click to trigger the Start button, and will be finished with several minutes according to the test.

The output video is well compatible with all the mainstream media players. You can hardly find the difference between the original DVD and the output video when checking the output quality.

What you are seeking from a DVD ripper when searching on the Internet, DVDFab DVD Ripper has all covered. It is definitely a much more ideal choice for DVD ripper, however, it offer more than a DVD ripper.

For More Latest Software Technology Updates and Information about Winx DVD Ripper Platinum, Visit Etech Spider.

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