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Travel and Technology: 5 Must-Have Gadgets for Every Traveler

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When it comes to traveling, comfort is of the utmost importance, whether it’s on a plane, in the hotel, or in the car. It is where travel gadgets come more vital than ever. Some of them are too amusing to miss, most of them provide additional convenience to our travel experiences, and others enlighten us to new dimensions in the world of technology.

These travel tools that have continually altered the way we live and the way we make adventures are undoubtedly lifesavers for travelers today. Aside from your mobile device, many travel gadgets are essential. For a little help, listed below are some of the best gadgets every traveler must have, and devices that are too cool to resist. Check them out!

Noise-canceling Headphones

Purchasing the best noise-canceling headphones can, for sure, cost a lot, but they are certainly worth the money and the hype. They’re perhaps the best travel investment that you can ever make. With noise-canceling headphones, you can steer clear from the shivering noise of planes, trains, and even noisy people. These headphones can help you avoid noise pollution and will put you in complete aural isolation. Especially for those who tend to get anxious while the plane is taking off. Noise-canceling headphones can help you relax and feel at ease easily. Plus, rest assured that you’ll have the best sleep you can ever get on a flight without any interruptions by crying babies or babbling passengers. It’s also a way to tell others that you’re not up for mingling around.

USB Flash Drive

Bringing a thumb drive or commonly known as USB flash drive can come very handy while traveling. It may seem unexciting to you, but it can save your life and is extremely useful while exploring other places. With a USB flash drive, you get to store and secure vital information that you might need on your vacation. Some of the important documents you need to save are your booking confirmations for hotels and transport, travel insurance details, scans of your passport and other identification cards, and many more. Aside from that, you get to back up your travel photos as well, especially if you choose not to carry a tablet or laptop with you. Furthermore, sharing documents and photos with friends will be much easier.

Waterproof Phone Cases

These days, smartphones have become a necessary device for most people. It may be one of the biggest investments you can make. However, when traveling, accidental exposure to liquids and spills can be devastating. Luckily, dry bags and waterproof phone cases can shield your smartphone from unanticipated water damage. Some phone cases can even be put in water so that you can capture underwater videos and photos easily. Of course, you’ll never know when your mobile phone may fall into a mud puddle, dive into the toilet, or submerged in the ocean. But with the help of these waterproof phone cases, rest assured that your phone gets protected and prevent shattering damage in the future.

Universal Plug Adapter

Keeping your devices charged up has become a prerequisite while traveling. If you are traveling just a mile or two away from your home, some chargers and adapters prove to be very handy and useful. However, if you’re going on a trip abroad, you must keep in mind that outlets and voltage work completely different. As such, travelers will need to carry an adapter that’ll fit different outlets and voltages so that you don’t damage your devices. The voltage required highly depends on the country you’ll be visiting and the type of your device. Thus, you may need a single adapter or a universal adapter with different built-in types. Some of the best options you can consider are the Epica Universal USB Travel Power Adapter, OREI 7 Travel Adapter, BESTEK Advantage Adapter, and many more. So, whether you’re going on a short trip or a long one, bringing a universal plug adapter is very important.

Kindle E-reader

For those hardcore readers, Kindle e-reader is certainly a must when traveling. It’s very easy to carry and easy to read in the dark or strong light. Though nothing compares the feeling of holding a physical book, Kindle e-readers allow you to stay connected to a massive selection of books at a much lower cost. There are different models or types available in the market, from Kindle Oasis to Kindle Paperwhite, there’s one that’ll suit you and your needs. Plus, it’s like you’re reading texts from a physical book because of its paper-like screen. Kindle e-readers are not only for reading books, but you can also read some important document formats like PDF’s as well.


There are many travel gadgets available out there on the market, making it hard for most travelers to pick the best ones. Some of the best travel gears every traveler must have are noise-canceling headphones, USB flash drive, waterproof phone cases, universal plug adapter, and Kindle e-reader. These tools will make every traveler’s adventure a lot easier and fun.

Yassi Parrish is a blogger and writer by profession. She loves to travel to different places to gain more insights and most especially to have fun. Whenever her time permits, she prefers to stay at home and browse at different online retailers such as Deal Wiki to keep tabs on the latest hot sale deals.

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