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Microsoft Finally Decides to End Support for Skype 7 from 1st November

Microsoft Skype Support

For all the users of Skype version 7, now it’s time to upgrade. Not because that version of the Skype is necessarily inferior, but as the result of a recent announcement that Microsoft will no longer be supporting that variant on the desktop.

Two months ago, Microsoft has announced that Skype Classic App will be discontinued from September but due to some public criticism, the company decided to delay the decision till November. Now, this is the final take of the tech giant and from now onwards, they will focus on improving “Skype 8″ with better and updated features based on the user feedback. Earlier in September, Microsoft redesigned Skype’s interface for both mobile and desktop, simplifying its calling, video chatting and messaging features. The video and voice app also rolled out end-to-end encryption for the private conversation on the platform.

Microsoft is ending support for Skype classic on November 1, 2018, on desktop devices. From the next week, it will apply to the mobile and tablet devices as well. In the recent blog, the company said, “We are continuing to work on your most requested features. We have recently launched the call recording feature and began to roll out the ability to search within a conversation. You will be able to add phone numbers to existing contact, have more control over your availability status.”

Microsoft revealed that the Skype classic app will stop receiving updates November when it’s most popular feature is converted into Skype 8. The Skype 8 will get better and new features and will provide a better user experience to the users globally.

Here is the brief list what are upcoming changes in the Skype:

  • According to Microsoft, they will start requiring people to update to Skype version 8 in waves over the next few months. For desktop, the first wave world starts on 1 November and Mobile device and tablets use will get the notification on 15 November.
  • If you are the insider, you can easily download Skype version 14 from the Microsoft Store for better user experience. The store edition is built keeping in the mind the version 8 but additionally it comes with additional features including support for native APIs, that makes it a perfect version till now.
  • Microsoft is also sending an email to people still using older Skype versions to inform them about this change.

Microsoft is always concerned for the user demands and the technical advancements with time. Now this decision will impact its existing desktops users for a better change of Skype version 8. With the 1st November date set once again for classic Skype, hopefully, some of the missing features will be introduced in version 8 and will make the communication better for the people.

James is Working as Dynamics 365 Development Consultant at Aegis Infoways – Dynamics 365 Implementation Services Provide Company.

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