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Interesting Facts about Cells and Tissues

cells and tissues

A cell is the basic building blocks of all living things, therefore it is also called the fundamental units of life. Some organisms like bacteria are made up of a single cell, while other living species are made up of trillions of cells, including animals, birds, plants and Human beings. Cells are also called the structural and functional unit of life as it plays a vital role in providing structure, strength, and energy for an organism.

The group of cells makes up a tissue and they have a specific function that makes up organs and other body parts of a body. These tissues usually look unique and are originating from the regions of developing embryo. There are four kinds of tissues and are classified based on differences in their anatomy and function.

As per the levels of the organization, a group of cells forms tissues, tissues make up organs, and organs form an organ system.

Let us know some interesting facts about cells and tissues.

The human body is composed of trillions of cells, which have their own specialized functions. Every day billions of cells are created and more than 200 million cells die per minute in the human body.

The average size of a human cell ranges from 10 µm and 100 µm. Moreover, the size of a cell is generally determined by its diameter and not by the length.

There are two main types of cells – the Prokaryotic and the Eukaryotic cell. The main differences between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells are categorized based on the presence of a true nucleus.

As per the discovery of fossils, the first cell to be originated on Earth was a Prokaryotic cell, which was around 3.5 billion years ago.  Later evolved Eukaryotic cells.

A group of cells gives rise to tissues, which share a mutual structure and function. There are four different types of tissues in the animal body – epithelium, connective, muscle, and nervous tissue.

Among different types of animal tissues, connective tissue is the most abundant tissue found in the body. They are the fibrous tissue found in bones, cartilage, fat or the Adipose tissue. Blood is the fluid connective tissue that is composed of different cells.

Fact 7
Epithelial tissue is composed of more layers of cells. The outermost layer of the skin is covered by an epithelial tissue and they do not carry any blood vessels. The main reason for our skin to be waterproof is because of these epithelial tissues.

Fact 8
Comparable to the animal cells and tissues, plants do have their own cell and tissues which are involved in their specific functions. Plants are the main source of food on the planet earth and without the cells and their tissues, food for plants would be impossible. Plants have specialized cell organs and two main types of tissues which are involved in performing a specific function. Permanent and Meristematic tissue are the main types of plant tissues. Each type of tissue comprises different types of cells, with different functions, and is located in different parts of plants.

These were a few of the interesting facts. There are a lot more facts about the cells and tissues.

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