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Full-stack Developer or Specialized Developer. Which one is right for your Business Software?

Specialized Developer
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Most of the software companies out there wish to hire talented developers. However, with a large pool of software developers, you need to hire the right developer for your business.

Most businesses and startups have a dilemma of choosing a full-stack developer or specialized developer for their projects. Currently, in the software development market, full-stack developers are in the highest demand right now.

Fullstack developers got this much demand because businesses can hire full-stack developers to build their entire software, website, or mobile application.

So these days, small to medium-sized software development companies in India have hired specialist developers to build front-end and back-end work for their projects.

In this blog, we will help you to make a wise decision in choosing a full-stack developer or specialized developer for your business software.

Full-stack Developer or Specialized Developer?

Full-stack Developer

The term “full-stack developers” has been a famous phrase since the times when software development initially gained prominence.

Full-stack developers use front-end and backend technologies and can manage the database. Conversely, specialist developers will have deep knowledge of front-end or back-end technologies. We will give you a clear idea about the front-end and backend below:

#1. Front-end

All that happens on the client-side such as our interaction with an interface of the application, or visible part of a software or website, is included in the front-end.

#2. Backend

Everything that happens on the server-side such as the database in the backend that provides the safe storage of your data and the programs that perform the business logic, is included in the backend.

Full-stack developers must master front-end and backend technologies, including at least one or two programming languages such as .NET, C#, Python, etc., and some top javascript frameworks such as Angular, Node.js, React, Vue.JS, etc.

Full-stack developers can benefit budding startups and new businesses because hiring a full-stack developer can eliminate the extra cost required to afford multiple developers. However, that’s not the single reason you should hire a full-stack developer.

Pros and Cons of a Full-Stack Developer 

Pros of Full-stack Developer

  • Compared with developers specializing in a single technology, full-stack developers have expertise in a broad spectrum of technology and frameworks.
  • Besides their knowledge in front-end and backend, they can also handle databases. This helps in accelerating the software development process itself.
  • Full-stack developers are highly proficient in grasping almost any code because of their expertise in multiple technologies.

Cons of Full-stack Developer

  • They can’t master a specific technology since they wouldn’t spend much time on a single technology.
  • Full-stack developers have a high risk of being overstretched with many tasks. This can reduce their performance and could harm the project.

Pros and Cons of a Specialized Developer

Pros of Specialized Developer

  • They have highly immersed knowledge within their discipline, such as coding using a specific programming language, legacy code modernization, building graphic layouts, etc.
  • Since they concentrate on a single technology all the time, they will stay updated with the latest technologies.
  • Their code quality will be higher when compared with full-stack developers.

Cons of Specialized Developer

  • Businesses must shell out extra money to hire two specialists (for both the front and back end) instead of relying on a full-stack developer.
  • Over time, specialized developers will develop a dependency on other team members.

When to hire Full-stack developers?

From the above points, we hope you got a clear idea about the difference between a full stack developer and a specialized developer. The choice of your developer dramatically depends on your project requirements, such as the budget, complexity, and size of your project.

Full-stack developers will be best suited for small-scale projects, whereas complex projects require dedicated developers for each technology stack since they require deep knowledge in multiple facets of software development.

When to Hire Specialized Developers?

Project size can play a crucial role in selecting your developers, and you have to hire software developers if you have a large-scale project.

Hiring specialized developers with years of experience in a particular technological layer for large projects is advisable since they have immense knowledge in rectifying minor issues and bottlenecks of the technology they are experts in.

Hiring a specialized developer can be more beneficial when your project mainly deals with only one technological stack, such as the creation of API services.

In this case, hiring a backend developer is the best solution. If, on the other hand, you need to create a single-page application without utilizing the backend, then hiring a front-end developer is more appropriate.

Finally, it should be kept in mind that a full-stack developer is best suited for startups and medium-sized software development companies.

It will be better if you have at least one full-stack developer who keeps an eye on the development of a project and monitors work progress in all areas.

We hope you enjoyed the article Full-Stack Developer or Specialized Developer, which one is right for your business software.

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