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5 Power Banks for Different Purposes

Since there are a lot of power banks on the market, it’s difficult to know what power banks are the best choice for you. With that said, there are certain ways that you can categorize these many power banks out there and by doing so, you can figure out what power banks are the best fit for you.

It’s important to know your needs and fulfill that need with a power bank that has the capabilities of delivering with what it has. Let’s go over a couple of different kinds of power banks that have different traits but still hold their place in certain situations very well.

Small Capacity Power Banks

Very Small Size

Small power banks are among the most used type of power banks are on the market because they’re easy to carry around. Having a small power capacity ultimately means that you’re going to have a small power bank. These kinds of power banks usually have a cylindrical or slim shape and are about 4-5 inches long.

Not Going to Last Too Long

The power capacity that they have ranged from 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh, as a result, you’re most likely going to be receiving about 1 or 2 full charges for your smartphone.

That’s the main thing about these mini power banks, is that they’re really meant for charging smartphones with their small power capacities because they’re most portable with smartphones.

With that said, using a slim power bank is going to provide the best portability because they’re about the same size as your smartphone and you can place a slim power bank and your smartphone into the same pocket while your phone is charging.

With all that said, it’s important to know that mini power banks are usually going to have slow Output charging and Input recharging rates. So you shouldn’t expect your devices to charge at their max charging speeds.

High Capacity Power Banks

Power to Last

High capacity power banks are ones that are able to innovate in a wide range of areas and by that we mean they not only have high power capacities that are in the 20,000mAh to 30,000mAh range; they also have lots of charging ports and those charging ports usually have fast charging and special capabilities.

Charging Speeds Matter

If you’re getting a high capacity power bank, you have to make sure that most of its charging ports at least have a charging speed of 5V/2.4A. Going on from that, power banks with high power capacities also take advantage of technologies like Quick Charge and USB-C charging; those kinds of charging technologies are able to accommodate compatible devices to charge at their max charging speeds.

Recharging Matters Just as Much

Also, what’s beginning to be the norm, is that high capacity portable chargers are able to have two Input recharging ports and by using them both, you’re able to recharge the power bank faster. So high capacity power banks are able to last a long time before needing a recharge, they can charge multiple devices at once and the devices that you do charge for them can charge quickly.

Rugged Power Banks

Most electronics that we use aren’t built to survive harsh conditions, and this is true for most smartphones and other devices that we use on a daily basis; the same is true for power banks. Power banks are portable power and the reason to own one is because you’re going to need to charge your smartphone throughout the day, but if it gets damaged in the event of a fall, then you won’t be able to recharge anything.

Know the Enclosure Levels

This is why Rugged power banks exist because they’re able to protect against harmful things like Water, Dust, and Shock from a fall. With that said, some power banks have their own degrees of what they can withstand; especially when it comes to water. Take a look at different Enclosure levels to know what each level means.

An IP rating of IP65 means that a power bank will be dust-tight and be protected aginst water projected from a nozzle, but not immersion into water. If you wanted protection against water in immersion then you’d have to get a power bank that has an IP Enclosure of IP67.

These kinds of well-built power banks are most useful when it comes to activities like hiking, camping, fishing and other activities that will put a power bank in harm’s way. With that said, though, Rugged portable chargers are still great to use every day.

Power Banks with Built-In Cables

Charging cables are a necessity when it comes to almost every charging electronic. Even Wireless chargers need charging cables to be powered. However, power banks are the one charging electronics that it’s vital to remember to have a charging cable with, because if you leave your house without a cable for your power bank then you’re going to be stuck with a useless portable power source.

Always have Reliability

To prevent the unfortunate event of forgetting a cable at home; power banks that have built-in cables are among the most useful type of power banks. By simply choosing the power bank that has the built-in cable that you need to use the most, you’ll then have a portable power source that you’ll always be able to use.

Not only can a power bank have a cable to charge your compatible devices, There are power banks like the iWalk T08 that have 2 Built-In cables and also a USB cable to recharge the power bank itself. Not only does it have built-in components but it also has a USB port to be used with any charging cable and to basically charge a 3rd device.

There’s also a Micro-USB cable to recharge the power bank just in case anything were to happen to the built-in USB cable. So the power bank that has built-in cables have great attributes that make them very helpful than just a regular power bank.

Backpack Power Banks

Power banks are versatile, and you probably already realize that after reading through all the other categories of power bank on this list. There’s just one last and in this case, the power bank somewhat just takes a different shape. The shape is a backpack.

Backpack chargers have power banks that are installed within them and the main design feature that is different and basically better is that a charging port is usually on the outside of the backpack. This allows you to connect your charging cable to the port on the outside and that means you can charge your smartphone while you’re walking with your backpack, and there’s no need to carry a power bank in your hands.

Not only is the charging port on the outside of a power bank great to use, but there are also USB ports on the inside of the backpack that are very helpful to use when you set the backpack down. As a result, not only is a backpack power bank great to use while you’re on-the-go; it’s also very helpful to use when you’re using it as a charging hub for your devices.

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