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SEO trends you can’t afford to ignore this year

SEO trends

Granted, it’s not exactly hard to find lists of “SEO trends” that, the writers insist, you should be following. However, the very word itself, “trends”, suggests that these supposed recipes for success all come with expiration dates. The world of Search Engine Optimisation never stands still.

Therefore, you need to keep finding new ways of getting your business into the online spotlight. Here are just a few approaches for you to consider starting with, as all are very relevant to 2020.

Attracting search traffic organically

The best type of search traffic is the type you just can’t buy. For this reason, if much of your marketing budget currently goes towards paid search ads, you should ask yourself how much you are missing out in the long run by taking this shortcut.

After all, as reported in a Forbes article, over half of website traffic actually originates from organic search. This statistic could lead you to redirect your efforts towards publishing piles of content – but the key ingredient with content is quality, not quantity.

SEO trends 2020

Prioritising content over quantifiable factors

Is SEO an art or a science? It’s arguably a bit of both, though you should be wary of drawing too heavily on factors you can actually count. Those include the likes of word counts, keyword percentages and links. Yes, they play a part, but not as much as the quality of your content.

Therefore, you should make sure that this content, from webpages to blog posts, is well-organised and purposeful. If you aren’t a skilled writer, a Search Engine Optimisation agency can write for you.

Voice search

How do your target customers look for companies like yours? Increasingly, they probably do it not by typing anything, but instead by vocalising orders to voice assistants like Siri or Alexa on their smartphones or smart speakers. How, though, should you optimise for voice search?

Well, voice assistants will often provide their answers in short, informative snippets sourced from the top of search results. Hence, you need to get your content into those snippets.

Social media influencers

Now’s the time to shed any lingering snobbery you might feel about “influencers”. Besides, they aren’t necessarily just bikini-clad celebrities addicted to Instagram; they are opinion leaders in their respective fields, like tech, science, gardening and… yes, fashion. Including bikinis…

Whatever influencers you choose, however, they need to resonate with your brand message. Otherwise, in advocating your products, the influencers could come across as too “salesy”.

Artificial intelligence

No, this isn’t about recruiting the T-1000 to your customer service team. Up until relatively recently, artificial intelligence (AI) wasn’t a practical option for most marketers. However, as the range of AI tools has expanded, so has your ability to collect valuable data for use in marketing.

Thanks to AI, you could even set up a chatbot capable of resolving various customer issues without your direct input, as Social Media Today reveals in an infographic. That chatbot could certainly serve as a cuddlier – and probably more useful – alternative to the T-1000…

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