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5 Ways To Make a Good B2B Mobile Application


When we talk about B2B app, we have a lot of business to business apps to our name. We can now draw a lot of useful lessons from our experience: we know what works and what does not. These five aspects that we always keep in mind if we make a B2B app.

#1. Integrate all at Once

We receive many requests for business apps development from frustrated Clients. Because their old method no longer works, and because they want off the paperwork, or because their current software is hopelessly outdated. Those are good reasons to re-examine a process. The solution is often a handy app that works everywhere, on as many devices. Whether it comes to something like ‘simple’ as time tracking for freelancers, or just to complex issues such as an application that allows you on-site staff to carry out checks and register on the site.

What is important in the development of a new app, is that it integrates with your existing systems. It is useful to discuss in advance which integrations and determine, and from there to build the app. This makes the app more useful and does not afterwards to be pieced to tie up the loose ends again.

#2. Get Input from the Field

To bridge the gap between software and its use, we recommend to get input from the field and your employees. And may not have the forces that are stuck for years in old methods, but the fresh looks that show how a process can be improved. Let thinking talents in your business over the solution to provide the new app and you get the app you want to use employees.This gives you a big profit: happy people use the app more, better and faster. An app that was conceived from the field, can provide significant time savings.

#3. Save your data online

Mobile connections are getting better. 3G was fast and with 4G you lack nothing. That opens the door for live exchange of information between the mobile app user and the headquarters. Live exchange information on inventory, place orders and transmit signatures: thanks to the smartphone, tablet and mobile connections can be established such acts in real time.

It is therefore advisable for the app and the supporting system in the office either to work in the cloud. Only when information is stored online, you can make these fast-live circuit and faster than ever handle. Moreover, your workflow less vulnerable. For example, there is nothing wrong if one of the staff a phone piece drop: the information is indeed already stored centrally.

#4. Make sure that it works offline

Yet mobile Internet does not everywhere. They are often workshops where drops out of reach. Iron lifts or large metal sheds that dull the range. An underground pit where the meter readings to be passed. Locations where the mobile phone can be better in airplane mode because it interferes with the signals out there. Or other places where the range suddenly disappears. It is therefore important that the application also works offline.

#5. Keep it simple stupid

The last four points are substantive tips that the app must be made perhaps all sounds very complicated, but nothing is less true. Systems integration, offline activity and storing online data, are all processes that do their job at the back. nothing in front of you. And that’s a good thing, because the ultimate app should be as simple as possible. The simplicity of an app is in addition to the input from the field, the most important feature of a good business app. One who has to use it, must want to use it.

Therefore, the app needs to be logical, with the right features at the right place. So, the user understands it immediately. He should not be overloaded with menus, buttons and unnecessary pages. He must be designed from desire, not from the idea that the ‘old system worked so and so’.

If that sounds too difficult, do not be afraid. Based on test sessions, feedback and our own experience, we know exactly how to Freed good business apps stabbing each other. Contact Mobile app developers in Los Angeles for more Details.

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