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Best Electric Toothbrush 2017


Electric toothbrushes are slowly taking over the market. The old-school brushing techniques may be useful for so many people even in 2016, but think about the ever so lively kid who doesn’t want to brush his or her teeth because it’s a mundane task. Well, a simple electric toothbrush can light up his day and make him brush twice a day, without investing much money or effort.

Also, people with motor cortex disability or trouble might have issues holding a toothbrush properly against the teeth and an electric toothbrush can resolve the issues. All these are subjective matters of course, but if you are to buy preferably the best electric toothbrush in the market, you should know some basics.

Power: Regular Battery or Rechargeable?

How you power your electric toothbrush is an important concern. Unlike shavers, no electric toothbrush comes with a direct DC-in operability. Can you even imagine brushing with a toothbrush connected to the mains? Maybe the risks could be suppressed using technology itself, but the method isn’t much useful. Few toothbrushes come with a rechargeable battery, and few don’t. The ones with rechargeable batteries would cost more, but keep in mind the cost of replacing batteries in the long run. Thus, even with a higher initial price we would recommend you getting the rechargeable battery version of an electric toothbrush.

Technique of Brushing

The bristles in electric toothbrushes may be placed in different angles to enable different brushing techniques. Electric toothbrushes have different techniques like side-to-side brushing, circular brushing; counter oscillation brushing, ultra-sonic brushing etc. Depending on what technology and technique a brush uses, the pricing might vary. For starters, you might go with a tradition side to side brushing technique and upgrade to a different one later.

Duration of Brushing

Brushing teeth has a standard time, set by British Dental Association. According to them, at least two minutes should be spent every night for tooth brush. Most people only spend 40 seconds as per some survey result, and run into tooth problems earlier than teeth are supposed to decay. Make sure the electric brush you are planning to buy can provide sufficient backup for a good number of 2-minute brushing sessions.

Electric Brush for Children

Brushing using typical brushes is a good option for children, but if they prefer then you might buy them an electrical brush. However, make sure you are buying them a brush that’s mean for children and not adults. Adult brushes might have higher torque and they would be bigger in size, whereas the children brushes are smaller in size and they also go little softer on the teeth of your toddlers.

And, Personal Preference

Over all these guidelines, you should give more importance to your personal preference. If you like a specific brand or product for health issues or just because you like the design, go for it. Mental satisfaction is an important condition for a healthy lifestyle apart from anything.


Best electric toothbrushes in the market would come with all the above qualities mentioned, you should still check on them at forums or existing users.

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