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Honest Business Lessons From One of The World’s Most Notorious Figures

Business Lessons

Have you read the novel – Freeway Rick Ross, written by Cathy Scott? If you have, you will know exactly whom we are talking about here. To give you an overview, let us tell you that Rick Ross had sold over a billion dollars’ worth of crack cocaine during his deal days. Gang violence is a major issue even today. When asked about the same, Rick said that during his time, everyone he knew was working for a single cause: Making money. People then were certain about the fact that of homicide police were included, that would be end of all the money.

While the Real Rick Ross was in charge, there was hardly any gang violence, mainly because everyone was getting rich. As we all know, Rick was most active between the years 1981 to 1988. Honestly, over a billion dollars’ worth of crack cocaine was sold by his organisation. His main connection was from Nicaragua. The people who worked for him were the same people he grew up with in South Central Los Angeles.

If we happen to discuss his childhood, his family separated when he was just four years old. He grew up in an environment of constant violence. He also watched his uncle killing his aunt. For him, gang violence was pretty much a part of his entire life; he saw it every single day. Because he never learned to read or write, he left his high school when he was 18 and was kicked off the tennis team (even though he was an aspiring champion). He always felt that tennis was his only chance to live a better life.

With no family, no education and an inability to read or write, he was left on streets and needed to make money. He later asked his ex-high school professor for an advice to make some money. The professor advised him to sell drugs (not kidding!). Thus, he started selling drugs. But instead of spending the money he earned, Rick Ross kept doubling the amount until the time all the other drug dealers in his area were buying drugs from him. One can say that Rick was using his scale to drive his own costs down.

The day wasn’t far when he was a prominent connection in the entire United States who bought over $5 million worth of crack cocaine each day. If you happen to ever see or hear one of his interviews, you will be surprised on how soft-spoken, always ready to answer it all and humble the drug lord is while sharing his story.

Overall, he has spent somewhat 20 years in jail (in various periods, of course). Today, his ultimate life goal is to lecture children in jail or in school on how they can avoid getting themselves in the situation he was in. Well, we are not asking you to become the next drug lord. But it is certainly clever and brave to handle an entire drug empire in the country, isn’t it?

Despite the type of business, many quirky business lessons could be picked from Rick Ross. From his leadership to how he effectively managed a billion-dollar organisation, here are three business lessons one can seek from the drug lord himself.

1: Always Encourage Your Employees to Achieve More Than You

According to Rick Ross, he always wanted the people who worked for him to surpass him. Entrepreneurs need to know that not every employee has differs and has its own unique traits. But if they are given a chance to prove themselves with right guidance and support, they will not only succeed in life but will follow this lesson to the people below them.

2: Honesty

This may sound strange, especially since it is coming for a drug lord. But while running a drug empire, there are no lawyers or courts to track down the liars. Honesty is the only law in that game. Rick Ross has a belief: when lawyers are involved, people lie and deceive and hence betray. When everything in a business is based on word and everyone involved is carrying guns, honesty is the only rule you have to play by. If you feel the people that you are dealing with while running your business are not trustworthy, do not deal with them anymore or at least be careful while doing business with them in future.

3: Learn To Keep Things On The Down Low

Have you ever seen Rick Ross being all flashy? Never! Since he was running a drug empire, being low-key was very important. And since he adapted that quality, even when he was earning over half a billion dollars over year selling drugs, the police had no idea what he looked like. In Rick Ross’s case, his empire had a decentralised structure. People those worked several levels below him in the organisation never had a direct contact with him and had to deal with conflicts all by themselves. He believed in setting example, so people that work for him would know what they should do instead on relying on him always.

For instance, if the company is struggling financially and the employees are well aware about it, they should not entirely rely on their leader to come up with a solution. Instead, they can come up with solutions and pitch in ideas to their leader for solving the problem. One way a business can overcome financial crisis is by opting to work with an alternative finance provider instead of relying on traditional banks. Alternative financing not only helps you secure your funds easily, but is also a faster method to acquire cash, especially when you are running out of time.

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