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11 Best Ways to Create a Vacation Rental Marketplace like Airbnb

vacation rental marketplace

The rental industry has overgrown, unlike in the past decades. The growing popularity of on-demand platforms like Airbnb, allowing users to book a local stay easily, has transformed the industry.

While the rental industry has become more commercialized, the future looks bright and will continue to grow popular.

To build a successful business like Airbnb, start-ups shave to traverse a step ahead by utilizing advanced technologies to offer better service to customers.

vacation rental marketplace

Creating a vacation rental marketplace like Airbnb

Like businesses, the major challenge in Airbnb is attracting users to book stays. If you can bring in more visitors to use your platform, they will return to make another booking soon.

In short, the most significant task for an Airbnb-like rental business is to hook users to leverage your services.

The first and foremost step is to make people interested in a tentative deal with high-quality pictures of the place.

Allow your customers to write reviews so guests can identify the best travel experiences and bad hosts.

What to learn from Airbnb’s success journey?

Airbnb's success journey

In the beginning, Airbnb’s future didn’t look much promising. However, with several intelligent business decisions and a renewed focus, Airbnb completely changed its direction. Here is how Airbnb became very successful.

#1. Focus on user experience

During its launch, Airbnb didn’t have a sleek design like its current design, and most apartment rental listings looked amateurish.

When the Airbnb team started focusing on the user’s experience, the company began to grow fast.

In addition, Airbnb also improved with rental listings with professional and appealing photos, and the business became better.

#2. Make it fun

While hotels and licensed bed and breakfast businesses represent Airbnb’s competitors, Airbnb manages to differentiate its products with a fun appeal.

Unlike traditional accommodation, Airbnb infuses its spaces with personality since the listing belongs to individuals, not hotel corporations.

When customers consider using Airbnb, they become part of the experience, not just a stay.

#3. Encourage large-scale adoption

Despite the intimate focus, the wide-ranging appeal of products can be linked to business success.

Airbnb supports more than 800,000 listings in different countries, allowing customers to explore local stays across the globe.

Ready to launch Rental marketplace software will feature all the basic and essential functionalities to run your business like a pro.

#4. Identify an important metric

The most crucial part is finding one significant metric that is really important to the vacation rental industry. It doesn’t even have to be straightforward.

For instance, If Airbnb just gave importance to bookings, they might not even be able to come up with accurate measures to influence the global market.

#5. Why Travelers prefer Airbnb rentals

The best thing about running an Airbnb business is that most travelers prefer using sites like Airbnb to book hostels, motels, and hotels for the following reasons.

#6. Price

Compared to a hotel room, an Airbnb rental are much more affordable and gives value for the money you spend.

Moreover, you can book the entire house for the cost of a single hotel room for occasions where you want to have a house party, but you don’t want to do it at your own house.

#7. Live locally

Airbnb’s main attraction is that it allows travelers to live like a local. Instead of booking a hotel room in a new city, choose to stay in a Homestay to complete your travel experience.

#8. Privacy

When you book an Airbnb, your guest will ensure you have all the facilities, and at the same time, you will have the privacy you desire.

Unlike hotels where you would be surrounded by hotel staff and other guests, Airbnb offers privacy.

#9. Peaceful and quiet

Airbnb rents are pretty peaceful, and you will not have any difficulties like early morning guest departures, young children, maid service, overcrowding, etc.

#10. Explore what you are getting in advance

Unlike a hotel where you will see a picture of a similar room on the site, the Airbnb business model offers precisely what you will get. It will have clear and detailed images and descriptions of the place to stay.

#11. Diversity

Airbnb offers a lot of diverse choices when it comes to accommodations like boathouses, yachts, farmhouses, castles, and lighthouses.

#12. Homely feel

There is nothing like the comfort of home can offer, especially when you are in an unknown country.

Rather than generic hotels, Airbnb’s listings include virtual living spaces where you will have the option to cook your food.

#13. Designing a website like Airbnb

What transformed Airbnb from a start-up with a unique business idea into a billion-dollar company?

There are many things: visionary leadership, clever business plan, growth hacking, timing, investments, and of course, good luck.

There is one crucial thing that served as the foundation- A killer website with great design. Without an attractive design that captivates visitors, Airbnb probably won’t be where it is today.

If you are starting a vacation rental business, a website with fantastic design is what you need to have to begin with.

In addition, the pictures on the landing page of Airbnb are carefully curated to create a dream board of vacation stays. You can’t help but browse through to explore more about a particular city.

Navigation of the website is another super significant aspect. Whether you are looking for a living space, or apartments for rent in Alexandria or want to list your home, it is easy to find everything on Airbnb’s website, and you will get precisely what you are looking for.

This is because of the super easy navigation they provide, along with the suitable filters. The best way to have all the features similar to that of an Airbnb site is to your business website with an Airbnb clone script which will have all the essential elements to run your business.

Responsive design is also important nowadays. Airbnb offers the same experience, whether it is their website, mobile site, or applications.

It makes sense for any similar business to rely on a powerful mobile and app experience. After all, users would prefer to access the site easily and hassle-free.

The Majority of people search, book, and share using their mobile devices, and it becomes essential to serve both web and mobile users in the same way.

If your mobile version of the site or application is not as good as the desktop version, you will lose customers.


As you see, businesses that leverage the Airbnb business idea to create their brand have paramount opportunities to acquire the market share.

Once your products are ready and running, start attracting visitors to your site with marketing strategies.

The secret to creating a rental business Airbnb is to learn it from its pros, and the similar ingredients and approaches combined make a comprehensive blend for success.

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