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What to Look for in a Property Manager

property manager

Property management is a profession that entails, covers, and overlaps with other different fields like, marketing, accounting, construction, insurance, and many more. That’s why it is tough to find or identify a good property manager compared with an average one.

The Role of Property Managers

People who do not live at their properties or a group of people who share the same office building often turn to property managers to take care of their building operations efficiently, reasonably, and within budget. Although property managers can work out of their offices, they are usually away from their working tables, showing apartments, checking on the maintenance staff, or meeting with potential tenants.

Property managers ensure that the properties entrusted to them operate smoothly, maintain their appearance, and should preserve or increase their market value. They conduct inspections in all facilities, hire, supervise, and assign duties to maintenance staff. They are also responsible for other services such as trash removal and landscaping. On the administrative side, they ascertain that all procedures comply with existing rules and regulations. They also keep the records of the property and prepare the budget and financial reports for owners.

Qualities of an Effective Property Manager

Effective Property Manager


A competent property manager should be transparent. Trust is built on transparency. Building owners and property investors place their trust in a property manager when hiring them. The most effective way to choose a competent property manager is to read all the available reviews for the property management company you are researching. If you found only a few reviews and the company claims to have been in the business for a long time, be wary. Keep in mind that any business that does not prioritize its customers is likely not providing any exceptional value.

You may also speak with current and past clients to get a better understanding of the transparency of the company. Check if the prices and services are the same as what they post on the website or marketing materials. A transparent property management company would treat all their clients equally by providing fair prices.

Maintenance Capabilities

Once you found a property manager that is transparent and has a lot of positive reviews, you will need to check the capabilities of the organization.

Property maintenance is generally the most significant expense that a property owner will incur. It’s also the most significant potential fall of mismanaged. Maintenance people add risk to your business. The best property manager is the one that has a full-time maintenance staff, along with in-house maintenance and turnover departments.

Limited Scope

If the property management company is transparent and has strong maintenance capabilities, the last thing is to make sure the company has a limited scope of practice.

Keep in mind that resources are limited, so don’t settle for part-time managers or those who have other responsibilities. Property management is a challenging profession, and attempting to do it as a side business can only give below-average results.

If you need a property manager who is focused on property management, you may check on Troy Property Management. Remember that specialization is an essential factor for top performers in any field. Stay away from those who water down their effectiveness with a lack of focus.

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