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How To Use Discord on Phone and PC For PUBG

How To Use Discord on Phone

If you are a Game Lover, You should know about Discord. In this post, we are going to cover some points like, what is discord, how to use discord, how to use discord on phone to play PUBG and Tips to use discord app on PC to play world famous game PUBG. So keep reading to know about Hoe To Use Discord App.

What Is Discord

Discord is a group-chat platform made especially for gamers. It is one of the most efficient apps to search and connect with people for gaming, group chats, and it also provides features for voice and video chats and even for live game streaming.

Sites like ( make sure you stay safe while you are gaming or using various applications. It can be used on both PCs and smartphones. Discord is divided into servers, and each server has its own rules, channels, and members. This makes using friction for gaming, security, and reliability.

How To Use Discord For PUBG

With PUBG gaining popularity, more and more people are becoming a part of this game’s world. While playing this online game, players prefer to keep communicating with each other for better coordination and also for adding fun to the game.

The game has an in-game voice chat option using which the players can talk to each other. But many times, the in-game voice chat feature doesn’t work well, and players experience lagging or broken voice and voice suppression. Invitation for gaming can quickly be sent to your friends, using discord.

Discord solves these problems by providing a platform outside the game to connect and communicate with other players.

While you play PUBG, the discord app will keep running in the background, and you will be able to talk to the other players without any interruptions or voice lag.

It also has the option of priority speaking, using which the leader can speak louder than the other teammates. Using discord, one can also share the screen for the live streaming of the game.

How To Use Discord on PC For PUBG

Step 1. For using discord on PC, you can either use it on any web browser, online or can download the Discord desktop app and install it on your PC.

For using it on a web browser, you can go to Once the app is opened, you need to make an account if you don’t have one already—otherwise, simply login to the platform.

Step 2. Joining a server: You can enter a server in discord only if you have an invitation link to a server. Your friend can send this, or you can yourself search for one which you want to join. The search option for servers is also available in discord.

Once a server is entered, you need to feed your username for discord. On discord, you will be known by this name by your friends.

Step 3. Adding friends: You can send friend requests to people by using their username. You need to know the username for doing so. Once your friend accepts the application, you will be connected to discord. That person will be added to your friends’ list.

Step 4. Adding friends through a channel: To add friends through a channel, go to a channel which is available on the left side of the screen. Select the name of the person you want to send a friend request to and send a request. Again, once the offer is accepted, that person will get added to your friends’ list.

Step 5. Once on the server with friends on your friends’ list, you can chat with them using text, voice chat, and also video chat. Now to play pubg using discord, join the voice channel in the server and let those who are going to play with you also join the same voice channel.

You can start the game now. The discord app will get minimized, and as the pubg screen is seen on your mobile, discord will keep working in the background.

You can also create your server by creating a link for the server and send it to others using discord as well as through other apps like WhatsApp. In this server, channels can be created.

How To Use Discord on Phone For PUBG

For using friction on mobile, install the discord app from the play store on your phone. Open the app and login directly if you already have an account. If you don’t have an account, register yourself and enter your preferred username. You can also add a profile photo.

All other steps on entering the app will remain the same for pubg as for pubg on pc. For mobile phones, once you join the game, you need to turn off the in-game mic and reduce its volume. You can use the discord voice channel for talking now.

Thus discord will provide you with uninterrupted gaming experience. It proves helpful, especially when any player you are talking with is not adequately audible through the in-game mic. Also, if a player leaves the game abruptly, you can connect with that person through discord.

Discord is also very useful for the live streaming of PUBG and other such games.

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