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Finding The Best Offline Hidden Objects Games

Hidden Objects Games

Probably in another life I would’ve been a great detective or private investigator, but since those are not my current job titles, I settle for playing hidden object games on my phone. I’ve always been particularly good with details and finding things, which is why I’m so drawn to these games.

I play pretty much daily and especially while I’m passing time on the metro. Since the underground does not have any service, I’ve gotten really good at picking out the best offline hidden objects games, and I was surprised to find there are a lot to choose from, including all my favorite types.

Strategize with Offline Action Games

My favorite offline games are the action games for my phone that are a little more story-based than the average find and click object games. I really enjoy being involved in the full blown mysteries and having all the objects I find add up as clues to a larger plot. These games involve a lot more strategy and have high enough stakes that they feel exciting and challenging, which makes them much more entertaining for those moments when I need to make the time fly by, especially if I have no internet. I was impressed to find that there are so many offline options for both Android and iOS considering these games tend to be more detailed. I would definitely recommend trying them out if you haven’t!

Play Your Favorite Classics Offline

Before I ever started playing on my phone, I started with a lot of the classic hidden objects games for computer like June’s Journey, Hidden Expedition Everest, and any other games I could find online at Gamehouse Online Games. When I started looking for app versions to take with me on the go, I actually came across this list that was exactly what I needed.

Best Hidden Object Games to Play Offline

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my favorite PC games like 100% Hidden Objects already had app equivalents available for download. From there it was even easier to find some new favorites, and I’ve built up a lengthy queue of games to try. Whenever I finish one, I have another one ready to go.

Get an Easy Hidden Objects Game for Daily Play

While the more robust, story-based types are my go-to games for the train, I can’t say no to the nice and easy hidden object games when I just need a quick puzzle to complete. I hate getting interrupted if I’m really focused on a game, so these simple brain teaser pictures have been great for times when I’m standing in line or waiting at the doctor’s office and might get pulled away at any moment. I’ve been especially attached to the daily hidden object games that add new puzzles regularly, since I tend to finish each picture quickly and plow through the games in no time. I always appreciate having new content so I don’t get bored!


If you love a game that stimulates your mind and keeps you sharp, I think you should absolutely try hidden object games if you haven’t already. They definitely make a good, fun start to your work or school day. And whether you’re an underground commuter like me or just don’t have unlimited data, you’ll no doubt be able to find some great games to add to your daily play.

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