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The 14 Best Live TV Streaming Services for 2022

Best Live TV Streaming Services

Would you like to watch prime-time network sports and shows? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right page. In this blog post, we have listed the Best Live TV Streaming Services for 2022.

You can subscribe to any of them and enjoy the full coverage over the internet connection. Best Live TV Streaming Services is known as the digital distribution of TV content like TV shows, news, sports, etc., which you can watch on the Internet.

Streaming TV is a cheaper way than old cable TV. With this, you can easily enjoy your subscription channels on any device and at any place.

Why Best Live TV Streaming Services!

The networks of channels look like satellite and cable, but live streaming TV uses an application on a streaming device such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, or Roku rather than a DVR box. We have reviewed top live streaming TV services available to users.

Network News and Show

The users can watch all their favorite shows from NBC, CBS, Fox, and ABC. In addition, many TV lives streaming services such as Hulu + Live TV, AT&T TV, or YouTube TV hosts these entire networks.

Philo is a great option for watching networks shows such as Cheddar, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Food Network Channel.

In addition, there are several video streaming services with channels. Here you can watch on-demand content from the aforementioned channels, which you may see in your spare time.

If you get a subscription to Hulu + Live TV, it will enable you to watch all the movies and shows on this. Moreover, you can also watch the original shows.

However, if you want to stay updated about the world nowadays, they are the best resource for live coverage of national and global events.

If you want to see total news coverage, you need to ensure the TV live streamlining service you select includes:

Cable news channels

  • BBC America
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Fox News

Affiliates Commercial broadcast 

  • NBC
  • CBS
  • Fox
  • ABC

Additionally, there are a few Live TV Streaming Services such as news networks like Al Jazeera English and BBC News.

On the other hand, there are some Live TV Streaming Services Sling TV, fuboTV, AT&T TV Now provides international channels, but for this, the users have to give an additional amount for a few of them.

Apps and DVR

On top of that, the entire streaming services provide few DVR capabilities. If you want to re-watch and save significant television moments, you must preferably choose a service that allows you to record several hours’ worth of news, sports, entertainment shows.

If you are a fan of sports, then Robust DVR is a perfect choice for you. The entire family can enjoy DVR features if there are plenty of shows on simultaneously.

Sports Streaming

If you want to watch sports channels, it’s advised to discuss with an expert for choosing the best sports streaming service. Before choosing any sports service, you should confirm that the service provider provides the entire channels you would like to watch.

It is to be noted that all streaming services don’t include all league channels like MLB Network or NFL Network. You should make sure that the service includes all the broadcast channels from NBC (National Broadcasting Company), Fox (Fox Broadcasting Company), and CBS (commercial broadcast).

There are several major games air on these channels. It would be best to understand that you are not liable to coverage blackouts or local market restrictions as a user.

On-Demand Options

You should invest time to identify which channels you want to watch regularly. With the On-demand services, you can watch lots of shows that don’t air on traditional cable TV.

These types of shows include critical acclaim and cultural discussions. So when we talk about Amazon Prime Video, there are several channels that you enjoy.

14 Best Live TV Streaming Services

#1. YouTube TV

For the base price, YouTube TV is considered one of the top channels compared to other competitors. It includes all four channels ABC (American Broadcasting Company), CBS (commercial broadcast), Fox (Fox Broadcasting Company), NBC (National Broadcasting Company), which are broadcasted in many areas of the country.

It has the best cloud DVR, including unlimited storage and a lavish nine months to watch recordings. When we talk about the interface of YouTube TV, it is straightforward, if a little drab, and still YouTube TV provides almost all the same features which a cable service provides. It is a simple rule: 1 package, one price, and done.

With its amazing cloud DVR and channel options, YouTube TV is one of the favorite live streaming TV for those who want the benefits of cable without any stress and difficulty. Although, YouTube TV’s comparatively high monthly fee makes it very tough to save money compared to the common cable subscription.

What are the Pros of YouTube TV?

  • It has Unlimited DVR
  • This amazing live streaming TV has a Simple interface

What are the cons of YouTube TV?

  • You will not find a few entertainment channels
  • It also has limited pro sports networks

YouTube TV service mixes the prevalent interface with a stunning range of sports and entertainment channels.

A few top channels are not available on YouTube TVs, such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Lifetime, NFL Network, History, and A&E.


Like other legacy media service providers, DIRECTV NOW TV (formerly AT&T TV NOW) bounced into the streaming world immediately. But, unfortunately, it mostly stuck the landing.

After a rollout, AT&T TV NOW has developed into a wonderful streaming version. It has a good cloud DVR.

In case you have used DIRECTV previously, AT&T TV NOW may surely give you comfortable. You will not find any learning curve.

Price and Channels

Its live channel guide is similar to its formerly DIRECTV. The main thing is that you will get a wide range of the-demand movies and channels.

On top of that, it doesn’t offer the stunning bang for your buck on the price packages: most television obsessives may offer the MAX package that offers you sixty channels at $70 monthly. With this package, you can also enjoy CINEMAX and HBO.


When we talk about cons, the interface of AT&T TV NOW is a bit outdated, with delay problems and herky-jerky motion scrolling that a user doesn’t get with its formerly DIRECTV. In addition, it isn’t negotiating the terms and conditions of a transaction.

What are the Compatible devices with AT&T TV NOW?

It is available on Roku, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.


  • It has the best channel selection
  • You can enjoy Free HBO

#3. Sling TV

When it comes to the cost of Sling TV streamlining service, you have to pay more than Philo and AT&T TV. However, the good thing is that it has good channels, lots of options, and a good interface; thereby, it is worth getting subscriptions.

On top of that, this streaming live TV service is cheaper than Hulu with Live TV and YouTube TV. It is because that this has fewer local stations. Well, you can enjoy two-channel packages per month.

The first channel package is Sling Orange, and the second channel package is Sling Blue. It is to be noted that the users can watch some channels on Sling Blue and Sling Orange.

Sling Orange is the Disney / ESPN package; on the other hand, Sling Blue is the NBC / Fox package.

If you are talking about the interface of this service, it provides lots of options that you require without cluttering the device’s screen. However, when it comes to the downside of this service, it has arcane live pause.

The major channels which are not on Sling Orange service

USA, CBS, Fox, Fox News NBC, Fox Sports 1, Bravo, CNBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, FOX, MSNBC, and ABC Network.

The major channels are not on the Sling Blue service.

Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Animal Planet, CBS, ESPN, ABC.

#4. Hulu With Live TV

The integration of live TV is considered a great asset with on-demand content. However, the bad thing about it is that when you add live TV, the interface frustrations clear with the normal service are amplified.

Moreover, the users need to pay another $10 monthly to skip commercials. When we talk about its channel count, you will be happy to know that it is powerful. It is a top competitor; unfortunately, the price of this service is very high.

Here is a list of top channels that are not available on this service: Nickelodeon, BBC America, MTV, MLB Network, NFL Red Zone, NBA TV, NFL Network, AMC, Comedy Central.

What are Compatible devices on Hulu With Live TV?

Smart TVs, PlayStation, Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple, Xbox, Windows, Apple TV, Android, Amazon Fire TV Stick.

#5. Netflix

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Multi-device support
  • Wide range of selection channels
  • internet speeds should be fast

Undoubtedly, Netflix is one of the best streaming services. Now a day, many smart TVs have Netflix applications. However, when it comes to the quality of the TV and movies, mostly streamed in Ultra HD (High Definition) – on tablets and TV is wonderful.

The originals library of Netflix has extended to a huge size, a wide range of award-winning shows such as:

  • The Crown
  • Master of None
  • Stranger Things
  • House of Cards
  • Orange Is the New Black
  • Marvel shows such as Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage.

Who can watch all the shows mentioned above in the Netflix series?

The Subscription charges of this app are:

  • 4K Premium plan: $16
  • HD plan: $13
  • basic plan: $9

Apart from this, the user can also enjoy Netflix 1-month free trial to check out if it’s good or not.

#6. Plex Live TV

With the Plex Live TV service, users can access live TV channels. It is a software-based solution, and by using a Plex Pass, a DVR, and an aerial subscription, this service enables you to access all channels. Apart from this, you can watch the stuff which you have recorded.

You can record on a smart TV or smartphone. Location plays a vital role when you are selecting channels. The signal’s strength is wonderful.

With this, you can obtain plenty of live OTA (over-the-air) channels. Besides this, you may access podcasts, web shows, and many more, and the great thing is that you can enjoy these via just one interface. Of course, you have to invest in a Plex Pass, a DVR, and an aerial. When we talk about Plex Pass pricing, then it is comparatively cheap monthly subscriptions.

#7. Fubo TV

It is known as a ‘sports live TV streaming service’ for many users, but eventually, after this service has grown. Well, Fubo TV focuses on sports, although it also provides many channels.

What makes Fubo TV very profitable is that it costs only $54.99 monthly. Along with that, you can access around 102 channels. You can see two screens simultaneously. It is only the standard plan. You can upgrade the standard plan to an Ultra Fubo TV, Family Deluxe Fubo TV, or Family Fubo TV plan.

With the Ultra plan, you will enjoy 168 channels as well as upgradation cloud DVR to 500 hours. The price of this service is $74.99 monthly. In addition, you can see three screens simultaneously.

The compatibility devices are tablets and iOS phones, and Android. Besides these, it also supports Roku devices and Fire TV, Chromecast, Samsung smart TVs, and web browsers.

#8. Amazon Prime Video

  • Good for kids
  • The interface is not so good
  • Big collection of films
  • Amazon originals
  • Great selection of movies

It has original series set such as The Boys, The Man in the High Castle, and Transparent.

It is available for Mac and PC, Sony’s Home Cinema system, iPad, Blu-ray players, PS4, internet-enabled TVs, the Kindle Fire HD.

#9. Disney Plus


  • It has an amazing content base
  • Family-friendly content
  • Price is affordable
  • Few movies are missing

Disney Plus has a careful selection of National Geographic, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and Disney animated movies. Generally speaking, kids can watch Disney Plus channels.

Few devices are Compatible: Google Chromecast, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Roku players, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire tablets, Android TV, Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, PS4, Samsung, and LG devices.

#10. Crunchyroll

It is considered a one-stop solution for anime requirements.

Check out Compatible devices for Crunchyroll: Smart TVs, Android TV Android, Google Chromecast, Xbox, Windows, Apple TV, Apple, Roku.

It has 14 days of free trial option. Apart from this, you can enjoy 3-4 streams at the same time.

  • It is Affordable
  • You will access its subscribed channels without any ads
  • A lot of collection of anime
  • There are fewer feature-length options
  • The interface is a little Confusing

When it comes to Standard Plan, you can enjoy 200-plus series; however, you will get a 20-second advert. If you want to watch any content in 1080p HD, you need to take a $6.95 monthly subscription. It offers a 14-day free trial to check its worth of money.

#11. Google Play Store

  • You need to make payment for each film
  • It has a massive collection of TV and films
  • You can get frequent discounts/sales

What are Compatible devices?

Chromecast, Android TV, Windows, Apple, Android

You can’t enjoy free trials with the Google Play Store. The Simultaneous streams are 10.

#12. Dazn Live Streamlining Service

What are the Pros of Dazn?

  • MMA broadcast
  • Exclusive boxing
  • Wonderful performance

What are the Cons of Dazn?

  • It is Expensive
  • You can access only limited coverage of other sports
  • You can only stream Live up to 720p

Without PPV (pay-per-view) fees, Dazn Live Streamlining Service serves its MMA and boxing fan base. However, it doesn’t provide so much to general audiences as well as sports fans.

#13. ESPN+ Live Streamlining Service


  • It is inexpensive
  • It has Good performance
  • You can enjoy On-demand access
  • You can access live sports

What are the Cons of ESPN+ Live Streamlining Service?

  • There is no live NBA or NFL coverage
  • Interfaces are confusing

When we talk about the pricing of ESPN+, it is an affordable way to see archived ESPN shows and select live sports, but it provides live NBA or NFL games.

#14. Philo

What are the Pros of Philo?

  • You will get the best performance
  • It is an Inexpensive
  • It has a 37+ channel lineup

What are the Cons of Philo?

It doesn’t provide news and sports channels. Apart from this, Philo does not support offline playback.

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