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6 Features Your Campaign Management Solution Must Have for Results in Marketing

Campaign Management Solution

Do you run different outbound communication channels across different web portals? Is your task of maintaining people’s information rather complex and time consuming?

You are probably compelled to change your campaign profile instantly and may be that happens frequently.

There may be more concerns like movement of data between different sources for disaster recovery and sharing of data across different sites.

A software solution to such problems must provide real-time information to answer specific questions marketers may have. You need a technology that makes it possible to use advanced filters and real-time information on the buyer’s journey. That makes your approach a powerful one to manage a complex set of campaigns simply.

However, campaign management is not just about letting your techie fix all the problems at one go. Before you vouch for a software resolution, check for these six decisive factors.

Easy to use for your staff
A user-friendly campaign management solution plays a crucial role in today’s advertising environment. The product you use should be easily operable and not compel your staff to undergo technical training. Unlike before, training on SQL and other operations to find information is not feasible anymore. A solution that is easy to use for campaign management offers a simple interface with a workflow that’s transparent. All that leads to simplifying complex segmentation and targeting.

Smooth customer experience in all channels
User-friendly tools do away with background technical knowledge is more useful for your business. Today, most of the campaign management tools offer visual environment of workflow and intuitive interface to allow businesses easily make campaign designs for complex segments and targets.

Find your customers at a glance
Make sure the solution you use is able to collect customer information and convert them into a unique marketing view. This can be tailored easily according to business requirements, easily adapting to the present business scenario. The right solution provides a distinct understanding of customer activity, including transactions, demographics, behavioral data and much more. This helps marketers to identify useful and actionable inputs and execute a cross-channel marketing campaign successfully.

Triggered messaging abilities and automated marketing
Some solutions are able to decipher whom to target and when the interactions should be used. If the strategy requires continuous recurring, this solution with huge execution and workflow abilities is helpful. It ensures on-time delivery and campaign automation, thereby, increasing market efficacy and efficiency.

Manages fatigue and optimizes contact of a campaign
Your customer data is dynamic. It keeps changing and makes it a real challenge for marketers to keep the content interesting and relevant for the target audience. Digital media has often been found to experience “marketing fatigue” due to the constant change in customer data. A good campaign management solution is equipped with intelligence to manage both, frequency and the number of communications you send to contacts. This enhances the customer experience and brand recall.

A size-able execution mechanism
Solutions are usually capable of supporting a high volume of messages at every point in time. They use a single integrated profile that delivers native messages with less integration. During this process, improvements appear in campaign efficiency. Depending on how your message volume may differ, you need to know if the solution provider has references of clients. The right vendor will be able to send billions of communications annually.

By using a fit solution, you can get integrated, comprehensive marketing done and make sure you operate, plan, execute, and implement analytics on all channels. The solution should be designed to bring together marketing and sales and ensure effective collaboration, keeping your data relevant and updated.

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