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4 Ways To Speed Up a Website That Most People Don’t Know

Speed Up Website

Suppose you’ve only recently set up a website for your business. In that case, it is likely to lack an established online presence and, therefore, struggle to attract visitors to the site initially.

However, even once visitors start streaming in, there’s still the matter of how to keep them returning. Your website’s loading speed is a crucial factor here.

Google warns that pages with load times of over three seconds deter 40% of consumers from staying, while 79% of shoppers are unhappy with a site’s performance report, consequently being less inclined to buy from that site again.

4 Ways To Speed Up a Website in 2022

Fortunately, though, there are various ways to ensure your site is primed for fast loading speeds before it has time to develop an unwanted reputation for the exact opposite.

#1. Reduce the number of images

Research conducted by Google in partnership with performance and analytics firm SOASTA found that website visits converting visitors into paying customers had 38% fewer images than non-converting sessions.

The implication is clear: remove images you don’t need. On the specific page of an online store, graphic images like logos and product pictures can comprise as much as two-thirds of that page’s overall weight – and, as a result, slow down page loads.

#2. Minimize how much your HTML coding takes up

This is another example of removing unnecessary flab to make your site a little zippier. Right now, your site’s HTML code could consist of a surprisingly high number of redundant elements but by fixing code and shortening and removing unnecessary code, you can see encouraging results.

If manually going through the code sounds – ironically – like a time-draining endeavour, you might be able to install a plugin that can do the work for you.

Marketing expert Neil Patel recommends Minify HTML, one such plugin available with WordPress sites.

#3. Take advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

With nearly a third of online shopping purchases now made on mobile phones, you should exert a special effort to make sure your site loads well on such devices.

Fortunately, Google can help you out here with its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. Amp-optimized pages are largely shed off their formatting to load quickly and deliver the essentials that the mobile-based visitors want to see.

These pages are displayed prominently and given an “AMP” tag in Google search results.

#4. Switch from shared hosting to a virtual private server (VPS)

When setting up a new site, one risk is choosing the hosting package that initially looks best on paper rather than necessarily the hosting option capable of paving the way to speedier loading.

You might have chosen “shared hosting,” which, according to the provider, offers your site unlimited resources despite the low cost of the plan.

However, as you will share that hosting with other sites on the server, your own site’s loading times can too easily suffer.

Transitioning to a VPS like Heficed’s Windows cloud server Kronos Cloud will change that by assigning you dedicated space.

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