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How to Start a Career in Data Science

Data Science

Have you ever wondered what it is that helps today’s biggest brands make the decisions that keep them at the top of their proverbial game? It’s no secret that these companies are observant in matters of what their consumers are looking for, what they like and dislike and what they think, but how is this information used? What – or who – turns this raw data into the mechanics of success business?

The Data Scientist

The simple answer to the question of what makes this information useful is: the work of data scientists. These professionals use a combination of skills to transform a tangled web of information into use able figures, including:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer science savvy
  • Trend observation and calculation

Through data science training, those who go on to work in this field are prepared to observe the way consumers respond to various forms of marketing, what their feedback means for the business and how they feel about decisions the company is making. All of this, combined with raw data such as sales and growth figures, patterns observed therein and more create what is known in business as “big data”. This is used to help companies continue to grow and to improve their goods and services by observing what has worked, what is currently working, and projecting what will work in the future.

Why Data Science is a Hot Job

It makes sense that a career path that serves to guide the growth of others is so incredibly popular in the corporate sector. In a world where sales numbers and growth patterns can be unpredictable at best, the professionals who help big businesses analyze the information given to them by their past, current and prospective customers are vital to the ongoing survival and success among strong competition.

Because of the demand for their skills, those with data science certification can command impressive salaries. The average person employed in this field makes a six-figure income, typically bringing home over $120,000 annually. This makes data science a smart decision, not only for job security, but for personal financial security, as well.

Getting Started in the Field of Data Science

With all this information in mind, it’s no wonder so many people in recent years have made the decision to pursue careers in the field of data science. If you’re looking to join them, here are a few tips for getting started:

First, evaluate your skills. While you will undoubtedly need to acquire data science training, you will also need innate abilities such as critical thinking, problem solving, listening and communication as well as observation. If this describes you, you would likely be a perfect fit for this exciting career!

Once your decision is made, seek out the training you will need. There are many ways to obtain a data science certification in the modern day, many of them available through online courses that can be worked around your already-busy schedule. This way, you won’t have to give up your current career to begin building a better one. Contact an online provider today, and see just how easy it can be to get the training you need to start your career in this fast-paced, quickly-growing field.

Prefer something more traditional? Many colleges offer career courses for those interested in becoming a data scientist or analyst. Once you have your bachelor’s degree under your belt, you can obtain a master’s through online study in many locations in as little as eighteen months. If you’re looking to go the traditional route with your training for this kind of career, you have many options. Just talk to your nearest college or university’s counseling staff, and ask how soon you can get on the roster for the classes you need.

Additional Training and Certification

Not all college or training courses offer everything you need for your career in data management and analysis. In general, working as a data scientist will require specific knowledge of not only basic computer science, but also experience with the Hadoop programming system and several other programs. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • JavaScript
  • Tableau
  • Python
  • Microsoft Excel and related programs
  • Ruby
  • Mahout
  • D3
  • SQL (any RDB)

Having a working understanding of these programs and these skills at your disposal will prepare you not only to work in the field of data mining and analysis, but also to excel in any position you may find yourself in as a data scientist. From those who find the information and analyze it to those who manage entire team of data workers, there is no job without its merit in this ever-expanding field. Get started on your data science career today. You – and your future employer – will be so glad you did!

Priya Jatoliya is a tech blogger and IT Certification Trainer at Koenig Solutions. She has an experience of 4 years in the industry, and has worked for top-notch IT companies. She is IT career consultant for students who pursue various types of IT certifications like Ethical Hacking, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, PMP, ITIL, Big Data & Hadoop, Vmware and much more…..

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