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Redmine plugins

Are you a businessman and want to keep a track of tasks and projects?  Then you are at the right place as we provide you the complete information on the project management software called the Redmine. Technology is the most important aspect of the modern era in which we live.

We humans have become so much dependent on technology that it is impossible to think of surviving without modern gadgets even for a single day. Human beings have always thought about inventing one or the other thing. The traces of the innovative mind can be seen right from the time of the early man till present.

In ancient times the technology was used for providing necessities for survival but now in modern times technology is used not only for basic survival but also for earning money.

Redmine is one such innovative software that is used for running a business. We are living in such an era where the businessman has to adopt new methods and techniques for making a profit and for the development of his business.

What is Redmine?

Redmine is the most popular open-source project management software which is used by hundreds and thousands of teams across the world. This software is mainly used in business to keep a track of tasks and how one can keep track of projects and ways of being able to assign tasks to different employees.

This software is also helpful in monitoring the progress of the employees. There are a lot of things that this software and Redmine plugins does and most of them are customizable. We can easily add new people to the project and assign specific roles to them.

Using this software one can easily create reports based on the hours tracked. The roadmap top is great for seeing what’s coming up in the future.

Redmine plugins

Redmine is extendable with plugins. Plugins are small pieces of software usually that you can bolt on your website. If one has an iPhone or android then plugins are apps for your website.

Some examples of plugins that people use include back up plugins that are used for backing up the entire website and emails the copy of the website so that one does not have to worry if something happens to my website.

You can also add contact forms or number forms on your website so that people can contact you.

Free and premium Redmine Plugins

The plugins on the website are used according to the needs of the team. Some Redmine plugins that teams across the world used for projects are as follows –

Bug reports and customer feedback Redmine plugin – this plugin is useful for both the members of the team working on the project as well as the client. Using this Redmine software we can easily track the bug reports and the feedback of the members and the clients.

Agile Redmine  Plugin – Redmine  Agile management allows using both kanban board and scrum. Earlier we used to use anothersoftware for this but now Redmine has updated itself to include both the features. Kanban board organizes the task of the project in two different columns which indicate their status.

In this plugin, we also have the feature of swimlanes which allow you to sort tasks according to various features. Using swimlane we can easily assign tasks just by dragging. Kanban board can be added to your dashboard also.

The Checklist Plugin

This Redmine plugin help you to track the task which is assigned and the tasks that one needs to do.

Hide sidebar Plugin

As the name suggests that this plugin is used to hide the sidebar that usually appears on the screen.

Monitoring Redmine project- this plugin is very useful especially for managers as this plugin allows them to have a look at the project. It displays the project in diagrams which makes the presentation look attractive and easy to comprehend. This plugin also saves the time of the manager which can be used to think about how the business can grow.

Easy Redmine

Easy Redmine is the latest upgraded version of Redmine project management software with new features, a hundred percent mobile design, extended integrations, and a professional server. This new version brings improved resource management.

A new set of plugins for projects is also introduced in the new Easy Redmine2019 like the Jira plugin. Using this we can easily create all kinds of diagrams. This version of Redmine has an all in one calendar which includes tasks, meetings, attendance, and sales activities.

Features of Redmine

Multiple project support – Redmine can manage more than one project at a time which is usually different from each other. This task usually was not easy but the Redmine software has made this possible without having any problem.

Role-based access control

Using this Redmine software one can define the task and can permit access according to the role of the employee. In other words, restricting access to the authorized person.

Issue tracking system

Issue tracking system is software wherein the employee can list down his or her issue that he or she faced while doing the task and later on looking forward that this issue will be resolved.

Gantt charts and calendar

Redmine also came with the feature of Gantt charts and calendars which is used for scheduling purposes. It is used to see how different parts of projects relate to each other you can use a Gantt chart.

Available in multiple languages – Redmine software is available in 49 languages which include Albanian, Arabic, French, Greek, German, Japanese, and many more.

News, document, and file management – using the Redmine application we can easily post and share messages.


I can conclude by saying that Redmine is the best application for easily managing the business. Redmine will change the way you work. So what are you waiting to try the latest version of Redmine and experience the change?

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