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Call of Duty Cold War Outbreak walkthrough and tips

Call of Duty Cold War Outbreak

The Call of Duty Cold War Outbreak feels strange at first, pretty different from the other zombie games that you may have played before.

The game is set amidst huge maps and the vibes created are not what you may have experienced earlier. As a player, you will have to deal with the world levels and side quests which is a completely different play style.

If you are just starting with the Call of Duty Cold War Outbreak game then we have you covered with some Black Ops cold war cheat and tips to help you get started.

Understand the game

Here are some nuances of the game that you should be familiar with before you take the plunge.

Call of Duty Cold War

#1. Sidequests in the Outbreak

Outbreak lets you do sidequests and gain rewards that let you progress faster. You can see these sidequests on the map as these are highlighted with different icons. You get some rewards here like salvage, equipment, killstreak, weapons, etc.

If your world level is high then the rewards are rarer. However, if lady luck is by your side then you get some legendary rewards pretty soon in the game. At least in the earlier world, you should aim to get as many sidequests as you can.

#2. Packing a punch

To pack a punch in the Outbreak game is not complicated at all. All you will need to do is to check the map and look out for the pack a punch machine icon. This can be spotted on every map so look around a bit.

#3. Getting hold of the perks

The easiest way to get the perks is to buy them straight from the Der Wunderfizz machine. You get perks in the form of a reward when you complete the side quests and trials.

All that you have to do is to head to the map market, spend the 500 entry fee and complete the objective. Perks may also be rewarded to you as a legendary trial bonus or side quest loot.

#4. Farming points

Head into the buildings and ransack them to loot whatever you can lay your hand on. The loot chests are denoted with a childish laugh sound and a musical click. So be attentive to not miss them. You also earn points when you kill the zombies.

You just get 25 points when you kill one zombie but it does add up. The purple crystals around the map can be smashed to earn salvage, weapons, points, and ammo. You can get the essence vials when you jump from the jump pads.

It costs points but you fast travel as well as gain points when you do this. The vials in mid-air give you 500 points. The dark aether orbs should be shot at and this will again drop some points for you. The last way is to undertake the trials and you get 5 minutes to complete them. Every level lets you earn points.

#5. Getting the wonder weapons and the ray guns

You can get hold of the fancy D.I.E. weapons and the RAI K-84 Ray Rifle in the Outbreak. All that you have to do is to open the chests lying around the map.

Some factors increase your likelihood of getting fancy weapons. You can get the legendary weapons when you kill the minibosses.

If you are towards the end of the game then you are more likely to lay hands on the rare rewards. The bigger chests have a higher probability of letting you grab the fancy guns.

The golden chests offer the chance of a rare loot so make sure to complete several side quests.

#6. Advancing in the game

To progress with the game just head to the start symbol right on your map when you feel ready to move beyond. There are a few missions that you will have to solve.

However, fighting the zombies should be the best if you are well prepared. The mission could include various things like escorting a payload to the aether portal, getting trapped in the room and surviving for some time, or taking the high and healthy enemy boss. 

Tips to play Call of Duty Cold War Outbreak

Here are some of the best Cold War Outbreak tips that will help you survive.

  • Like any multiplayer game, it pays to play Outbreak with your friends.
  • Do not get stressed to leave the map that you are playing on. Take care to crack as many objectives as you can.
  • It is fine to clear the zombies with your vehicles’ but do not overdo it.
  • Decide on exfiling or warping. This is an important choice to make when you are near the endof each map.
  • Try to get hold of as many points as you can.
  • Make sure to prioritize the shotguns and LMGs. 


This is all that you need to know to start playing the outbreak mode. Play hard to rank up and you will soon start to see the results for yourself. Once you understand where you should explore and how to progress it becomes easy to find your way through the various open-ended maps.

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