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Best Music Streaming Service: Spotify vs Amazon Music vs Apple

Best Music Streaming Service

In The Best Music Streaming Service Industry, Amazon has been declared that Amazon Music has reached around 55 million subscribers on this amazing best music streaming service.

Well, when we talk about Amazon Music’s paid subscribers, it is growing by 50% yearly. According to the Financial Times report, Amazon will close in on Apple Music, which reached around 60 million subscribers last year.

Although, when we talk about Spotify, a world popular music streaming throne, it hit about 100+ million subscribers last year.

Best Music Streaming Service

If both Apple and Amazon want to beat Spotify, they have a long path to reach the number of subscribers.

What’s the reason behind the speedy growth of Amazon Music?

Steve Boom, who is Vice president of this music streaming Service Company said that their tactics are unique, and the main motive is to satisfy the requirements of their esteemed customers.

The company strives to expand the marketplace for the music streaming throne by providing music lover’s great choices. The company is well aware that different music lovers’ customers have different requirements.

If we talk about the last few years, the company has been focused on offering different choices according to customers’ needs. They brought a new subscription tier such as Amazon Music HD, which subscribers love.

In this new plan, the folks in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany can stream their music in Hi-Res codecs. With this plan, Amazon music enables you to hear demanded music.

On top of that, Amazon Music HD, which is a new subscription tier, is the answer to Tidal. As a result, 50+ million lossless songs are available in CD-quality in good resolutions.

This HQ audio comes at a variable price.

  • For Prime members, it is available at $12.99 per month
  • For Amazon customers, it is available at $14.99 per month
  • For existing subscribers, it is available at $5 per month extra

The Amazon music streaming service also provides free listening. Unfortunately, you have to face ads with free streaming.

To stream ultra HD or HD quality music, you must have two things – the first thing is a device that supports 12bit / 44.1KHz streaming, and 2nd thing is an internet connection with a data speed over 1.5Mbps.

The users can enjoy it free of cost within 90 days of a free trial. Therefore, existing subscribers and new subscribers can enjoy Amazon Music at no extra cost for ninety days.

In contrast to this, Spotify provides only two tiers: Premium and Free. However, this music streaming service does have varying prices for families, students, and individuals.

In sum, if Amazon wants to compete with Spotify, it has a long way to reach.

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