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Month : November 2019


6 Most Common Types Cyber Security Attacks

Sandeep Dharak
When studying about the famous historic battles, one would realise that no two are alike however; strategies and tactics used in most were likewise because of the proven effectiveness over time. Similarly, when a criminal’s trying to hack an organisation, he won’t reinvent the wheel unless absolutely necessary and instead......
Web Hosting

How Cloud Servers Work for Growing Industrial Needs

Sandeep Dharak
Speaking in the most basic terms, a cloud server represents a virtual server located and operates in a cloud computing environment. This is also why cloud servers or a larger number of interconnected cloud servers are called VDS or Virtual Dedicated Servers. Every cloud server can be called a VDS, but the......
How To

Aida Review: The Most User-Friendly Online Form Builder

Sandeep Dharak
It is a simple online form and requires no coding to add this form to your website. Generally, this form is required on the contact us page and it must be attractive. If you want to create online forms from scratch, you’d need to have a good understanding of HTML......

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