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Month : July 2017

Digital Marketing

Semalt Explains The Reasons Why Instagram Should Be a Part of Every Marketing Strategy

Sandeep Dharak
Nowadays, all companies should consider the opportunities that social networks present. Social media have increased the amount information and digital content. For example, with a total of 1,200 posts every second on Instagram, people make 180 million updates every day on average. As a result, the presence of a brand......
Guest Post

Hybrid App Development: Small Business Retailers Should Consider

Sandeep Dharak
There is a good deal of challenges facing off a small business owner in the retail sector from acquiring new customers to retaining them in the long run. In addition, keeping a tab on the metrics of customer acquisition and retention endeavors is another big challenge. Author Lon Safko, a......

A Look At New Technology Taking Over Ecommerce Industry Successful In 2017

Sandeep Dharak
The eCommerce business has tons of up and downs for the past few years where the new technologies have been introduced to reshape and make shine the eCommerce industry in a successful way. The new technology is to influence eCommerce industries to interact with their customers and manage their operations......
How To

How To Create a Professional Live Stream With Your Phone

Sandeep Dharak
Who would have thought that a device that was developed to solely provide voice communication would evolve into an indispensable tool capable of housing the whole world within its walls? And yet, amongst the many functions that present-day smartphones have been developed to host, one of the most incredible, is......

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