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9 PUBG Tips To Stay Alive and Win that Chicken Dinner

PUBG tips to stay alive

One of the exciting things to achieve in Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds is the chicken dinner. Apart from the joy and accolades, winning the chicken dinner will give more points to grab advanced armor, elements, and avatar. This is why every PUBG player aims for such accomplishment.

So, if you’re ready for such achievements, this article is for you. The truth is that every other player is after the same reward. But we have the strategies to help you evade the enemies. We will share some tips that can help you stay alive until you win the game.

Also, you can get proven PUBG cheats from renowned gaming cheats companies such as AimClub to make the game simpler.

With the tips below and the cheats, you’re sure to go home with the chicken dinner.

9 Tips to Win the Chicken Dinner

#1. Stock Up and Stop Looting

We know that you must loot to get the best weapons and gear. That’s okay but try your best to find the good ones and then stop. If you’re lucky to find two advanced guns, many ammo, and scopes early in the game, take a break and refocus.

Once you’ve equipped yourself with these good weapons, focus on locating good hide-outs and killing your enemies. If you wander aimlessly searching for loot, the chances are that you may expose yourself to danger.

#2. Control your Noise

Do you know that sounds can work for you or against you in PUBG? It will work for you if you can hear the sounds from other players. But it works against you when you alert other players of your location through sounds.

So, if you want a chicken dinner, use the sounds in your favor. Minimize your noise but listen to others. You can even locate an enemy’s spot before you even see them. You can crouch, move without shoes, and maintaining a cover instead of moving unnecessarily.

#3. Use the best hiding spots.

Three of the best places to hide in PUBG are behind trees, inside the bushes, or lying on grasses as camouflage. While the first two are okay all through, grasses are not ideal because someone 200 meters away can still find you. However, when other options are not available, use the grasses.

So, fight and hide a bit is a good strategy to stay alive and win the chicken dinner.

#4. Use your items as baits.

If you’re approaching the end of the game when other players must be killed for you to win, try to creative. Use some of the items that are not necessary at that point to kill some enemies. You can set the deadly trap in locations where a headshot is possible. Once the enemy approaches the bait, take their heads off.

#5. Don’t play the Circle Center.

One of the reasons to avoid the center of the circle is that enemies might come at you from every corner. Also, many players are attracted to the compounds at the center, hoping for great loot. Since you can’t fight the enemies both seen and unseen, it’s best to stay at the edge so you can at least protect your back.

#6. Loot with Purpose

We all understand the importance of weapons, gears, equipment, and ammo in PUBG. But make sure you’ve decided the ones you need before looting. Whenever you find loot, focus on the important items to you and ignore the dead weights.

Also, don’t be sluggish when looting. Make sure you go through what you’ve found very fast to move on. If you can move into buildings from the windows but always leave the doors ajar to mislead other players. But if the space you’re looting is large. Jump in through the window and leave the doors closed.  That way, you can hear the enemies when they open the door.

#7. Focus on Survival early in the game

No matter how trigger-happy you are, avoid confrontations early in the game. If you don’t want to die very fast, try to keep your head more out of trouble. There are 99 players to kill for you to win the game. Instead of trying to kill them yourself, allow the number to go down before engaging head-on. But if someone tries to kill you, kill them first. But don’t look for people to kill early in the game.

#8. Always fire with a scope.

One of the reasons to fire with a scope is to achieve a sure kill. Also, it will help you to put a better distance between you and the enemy. So, when you locate an enemy to kill, aim for the head and use the scope to get it once. You don’t need to waste ammo to kill one enemy. Remember, the sounds your guns make can attract other enemies.

#9. Strategize the final face-off

If you have made it to the ending and have one enemy to kill, you need to be creative. The chicken dinner can be yours if you locate the enemy first. So, try to take them unawares by distracting them away from your location while they expose themselves to you. You can simply throw your frag grenade towards the right and run the opposite direction to flank and kill him off.


All it takes to win PUBG is your determination, skills, and advanced tips. We’ve covered you in the tips angle and also offered some PUBG cheats. Now, all you need is your determination, and you’re going home to eat the chicken dinner.

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