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Month : September 2018


Top 6 WordPress Anti-Spam Security Plugins

Sandeep Dharak
Although WordPress is the widely used content management system on the web, it has some serious shortcomings. There are some grim issues regarding the WordPress that could leave you in strenuous situations. “Comment Spams” are one of them that can drastically affect the security of your site. This is something......
Mobile Apps

Best 7 Word Games on Android for Brain Exercise

Sandeep Dharak
We all know that Android is a product of Google. Android is an Operating System used in Android based Smartphones. Now days, Android Smartphones became very popular due to lots of free applications and free android games. Users can also access premium quality ads free application and games for best......

Top 11 Mobile App Testing Tools Employed by Testers

Sandeep Dharak
Testing any mobile app is a demanding task. This is one process that requires a tester to go through a series of devices for testing the mobile app. The devices available in the market are the best ways to understand and perform the testing process for getting an ultimate app.......

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