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Month : August 2018

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The Health Helper project received a $ 180 000 grant from Lifeasapa in the Biomed Challenge

Sandeep Dharak
Innovations in the field of medicine and biotechnology today become a real chance to save mankind. The founders and employees of the Lifeasapa know this. The company announced and held the Biomed Challenge for medical and biotech projects. Startups from all over the world, with ready-made solutions in the medical......

How To Select eCommerce Platform for Better UI and SEO Result?

Sandeep Dharak
How To Choose The Best eCommerce Platform for Online Selling Websites? Top 8 Ways To Select Best eCommerce Platform. Technology has significantly revolutionized the concept of selling and buying products. From local stores, people have now moved on to online stores that offer them a convenient way to shop sitting......

5 Essential Email Marketing Software Under The Budget

Sandeep Dharak
Businesses are meant to grow wherein communication plays an important role for their dynamic survival. The world has become more digital now and so have the communication channels. When it comes to promoting the business with the most effective solutions, no other element but email marketing techniques make the task a......

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