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Month : April 2019


How Much Does a Mobile POS System Cost?

Sandeep Dharak
Mobile point of sale (POS) systems are really popular right now, so it’s normal to wonder how much it would cost you to get one. They have a myriad of benefits, including that your employees will be able to access a standard POS with a mobile device, usually a tablet......

Rural Healthcare Can Foresee A Possible Transformation Because Of AI

Sandeep Dharak
Healthcare is an important aspect of any country. If a country has to grow, then their healthcare division has to be superb. And, improvement of the healthcare schemes, techniques or methods is not only limited to the urban areas. In fact, it is a very important to focus on the......

UI and UX Design: 6 Ways To Create a More Engaging Website

Sandeep Dharak
Incorporating proper UI and UX principles when building websites and mobile apps have been a fool-proof way to appeal to potential customers and audiences. Just like in real life, any visitor who finds their surroundings unpleasant will eventually want to leave, while a cozy environment will have a lasting effect......

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