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Tech Needed for Successful Mobile Working

Technology has changed dramatically since the days of working behind a bulky desktop computer at your office, with slim line laptops with batteries that last an entire day, cloud computing and Google Docs that allows us to store everything online instead of on a huge hard drive, and Wi-Fi connections that can be found in almost every café or restaurant enabling us to connect wirelessly and with ease.

All of these new developments mean that mobile working – or remote working – has become increasingly popular due to how easy and accessible it has become, with more and more people opting to work from home or from their local café a few days a week (if not permanently). However, there is still a need for some forms of technology and important tools even while working remotely.

In this article we are going to look at three of these useful technologies and tools that you should consider investing in if you are thinking about going mobile:

A Laptop

Okay, pretty obvious right? But your laptop is important when working remotely as it will not only house your work documents but will also be a form of communication and will be the device you work from for long periods of time. This means that it has to be set up correctly and include all of the relevant apps and programs you need to complete your daily tasks and keep on track.

The type of work you do normally contributes to the device you choose to work from, for example: investing in an Apple MacBook is a popular choice for jobs in art related fields. Your device should then be kitted out with the relevant programs you need and will use every day, whether it’s Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop. This way you are prepared and can be productive from whatever location you are working from.

Cloud Computing

Could computing is an easy and safe way for you to store and share files with your colleagues, as well as manage and process data using a network of remote servers that are hosted on the Internet. It has become an essential tool for all mobile workers and makes their day-to-day lives so much easier. Cloud computing can be accessed from anywhere via a Wi-Fi connection, and can be accessed using laptops, tablets and android devices on demand. Cloud computing eliminates the need for having local servers or personal devices that handle applications.

Communication Tools

Communication is vital for mobile workers, as without proper communication channels, there could be a number or problems, miscommunication and errors caused. However, all of these problems can be easily avoided by downloading good quality communication apps that will keep you in contact with all of the relevant people. Skype is a good place to start, as you can use it to IM your colleagues, as well as video and conference call them. It is also an affordable service, meaning it won’t be too hard on your pocket. Other popular communication channels include Slack and Google Chat.

The above three tools and tech are imperative for remote working, keeping your work and data safe, communication open and flowing, and making your day-to-day tasks that much easier.

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