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The State of Influencer Marketing in 2020

In the last decade, marketing has undergone a total transformation. The entire pattern in which marketers present their products to the customers has changed.

Influencer marketing has become an important part of this change and we see many companies increasing their spendingon the same.

Read with us all about influencer marketing and all that it is going to achieve this year.

Companies are increasing budgets in influencer marketing

Brands are hopeful as they are seeing more and better returns from influencer marketing. That means they know that for better brand recognition influencer marketing can be trusted and this is leading to a separate allocation from the marketing budget.

Companies are relying on influencer marketing services to help them choose and plan out the correct strategies to do so.

PRchitects handles the influencer marketing services for a variety of brands and knows just the right tricks to make it impactful for you.

Influencer tiers are evolving

Earlier it was only the major influencers would be contacted for any task. However these days there are various tiers in the influencers as well.

There are five tiers of the same which include Nano influencers, micro-influencers, mid-tier influencers, macro, and mega influencers.

Actually, the mega influencers are the most beneficial as they have a very strong fan following on social media. But they also do charge more and can upset your budget.

Nano influencers are much more personalized and by investing less you may get better returns.

Fake followers are being eliminated

Fake bots and followers can really spoil the game for genuine players. Brands cannot afford to be fleeced anymore and thus are trying their best to see that the followers they are getting are actually genuine and not created ones.

Endorsements with fake followers would not generate any returns. By the time the marketers actually realizes the same money for promotion would already be submitted and there is no returning after that.

Instagram is becoming crucial

When it comes to brands using influencer marketing, Instagram is becoming their most preferred channel. You would see brands being promoted everywhere but Instagram gets a strong priority over others.

The regular posts and stories offered by the same are certainly preferred more than any other. Moreover, the creator accounts feature gives the influencer better insights into things.

Influencer events are being organized

Some brands are organizing influencer events to make sure the customers understand their brand’s needs. These are exclusive events that ensure the influencers also benefit from it.

They are paid for the same or given gifts for the same. In return, they have to vouch for the brand and accept that it brings a change. However, these events are costly and only brands that have a budget can think of opting for them.

Long term influencer partnerships

Like other associations influencer partnerships are here to stay and brands are trying to make the association a long term one.

Instead of paying for every post written, brands are making it a long-term process. This helps brands in setting up their expectations and keep an eye on whether they are being met or not. 


As the year moves ahead Influencer marketing is also showing a positive upheaval. It won’t be much time when it becomes one of the most preferred modules for marketing.

However, trusting a strong firm to do so is important too and PRchitects knows just the right methodology to choose.

With their carefully planned strategies the company would set out your influencer marketing plan and within no time you would get a strong return on the same.

The State of Influencer Marketing in 2020Companies are relying on #influencer #marketing #services to help them choose…

Posted by Etech Spider on Tuesday, March 3, 2020

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