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5 Ways To Make Website Content Attractive

Attractive content

The first and the most important thing that attracts the viewers is content quality and presentation. A viewer loves three things in an article of a web page.

-Written like a story.

Never forget that you are writing it for the viewers but not like an essay. They are here to solve their problems or to read good content, not what you believe in as a person. Keeping it to the point is extremely important. Short more compact material giving a full context of the issue is always more helpful. Backlink your content from well-known web pages and blogs. This will create a trust in the viewers that content is coming from a reliable source. Use images and visual aid to help your audience because they will it more assisting and interesting. Keep it original and spam free. Viewers love original content and so does the Google algorithms which are going to optimize your web page.

Design and appearance.

Even with the best designs on your web page, you still can’t make everyone happy. That is why because everyone thinks in a different way and no matter how good it is, they will still find flaws. To keep it interesting, you should style it the way that it’s properly navigated to each and every important thing on your web site. Design it to focus on the main points or articles related to your web page. Choose colors carefully so that your design allows the users to read through your site easily. Make it readable by breaking down sentences. Main focused points often lost in the depth because of long more dense writing.

More Content Less Tags.

Bringing the best content, quality, design, and anything that viewers like will only help you if your users are able to open your site in time. Users normally get irritated if the site is taking too long to open. They click back and move to the next one. That is where the problem arises. So optimize your site for the best speed by premium hosting and less extra loads like heavy quality pictures or too much unnecessary code. Check it on each and every browser and see how much time your site takes on each browser to open. Check it on mobile versions as well.  More content does not mean you are allowed to copy paste your content. So make sure to check plagiarism before you finish your Article.

Navigation and site seeing.

If your site is interesting and has quality content which is found interested by the viewers. They will love to explore around but if your web pages are not navigated to each other, they will hate it in a sense they will lose their way on your site. If the proper mapping is there and instructions or signs are given to what to do and where to go, will be loved by the viewers to stick around and decrease your bounce rate which in results increase your SEO ranking.

Feedbacks and share buttons.

Viewers love to share their thoughts if they are given the option of feedback. From this way, you can know their opinions and use them to improve yourself as well. They would want to share the opinion If they liked 80% of your site and felt like something was missing from it. Feedback is the main interaction between the site owner and visitors on it. It’s very important to keep in mind what others think.

Share buttons are buttons to share your content on social networks and blogs like Facebook, Twitter and many more. If a visitor liked something they read on your site and they want to share it with others but are unable to find the sharing feature. What will happen? Not much but you mind end up losing his or her interest and also lose dozens of new traffickers who might have come if it was shared.

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