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How To Keep Your Child Safe

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It is always a bit of a bummer when your favourite movies never turn out to be the ones that win the Oscar every year. Take this year for instance, The Reverent was a great movie. It oozed the same sort of charm and appeal 12 Years a Slave did last year, yet it didn’t win, baffling us all. Then again, the topic that Spotlight focused on is something that should have been dealt with years ago, when it was far more crucial for people to be educated on this topic then they are today.

And why wouldn’t they be. Most religious household tend to treat men of faith secondary only to God. We put them on such a high pedestal in our minds that we start to think that they can do no wrong, completely forgetting that those people are humans too.

Today we have countless cases of teacher as well as home tutors preying on young children, between the ages of 10 to 16, who are being subjected to both physical and mental abuse at the hands of people their parents trust with their children’s lives. The same goes for priests and men of faith from many religions. People look up to these authority figures for guidance thinking that they walk on air and they couldn’t be more blessed if such individuals take an interest in their family and their lives and want to participate in it and make it presumably better.

What we do not know is that such individuals usually live a very busy life and do not have much time to spare for the sort of help they lend to families. When they do so, they usually have an ulterior motive for it which more often than not turns out to be of a sexual nature. Additionally, courtesy of the dubious times that we live in, most authority figures taking for granted interest in your family may be a sex offender or a paedophile. Adding to it the fact that the social activities of kids today have increased tenfold from when we used to be of that age, provides these pedophiles with ample opportunity to exploit them.

For this reason and many more, it is in very parents best interest to invest in spy applications to keep their little ones safe and under their surveillance at all times.

How Can Spy Applications Help?

With its following features, spy apps are a blessing in disguise for parents and guardians everywhere. They can help you with:

Bugs and Tracking

Camera and Microphone bugs along with GPS trackers are an essential feature that most spy apps come equipped with. Using these features you can keep an eye on current location of your child, wherever in the world he or she may be. Additionally, with the bugs you can remotely access their camera and take pictures of their surroundings to see where they are and even listen in to their surroundings by remotely turning on their device’s microphone.

Text and Call Logs

Teenagers or tweens usually keep two types of feeling about authority figures. Either they detest them or they worship the ground they walk on. If the case is later and the authority figure is a deranged paedophile, then he or she may have your child convinced to keep the sexual nature of their relationship. Therefore, if you need to know for sure that your child is safe or not, then paying close attention to his or her message and call logs would be a good thing to do.

Media Files

Another portal through which you can learn if your child is having a secret relationship with his or her teacher or someone similar is by looking through the media files stored onto their devices. Children today have this unquenchable urge to document everything they do in vivid colours and pixels. Therefore, looking through their media files will always prove to be fruitful.

Messaging Apps

While traditional messaging and SMS may also do the trick, for the younger generation 160 characters are not enough. Therefore, they prefer to talk to their friends and loved ones using the various messaging apps that are up for grabs on Google Play and the App Store. These messaging apps, like Whatsapp, Line, Viber, etc tend to provide teens with a platform where they can have deeper, longer conversations, making it a portal you should be watching at all costs.

The Bottom Line

Maybe the movie did not have the glitz and the glamour to attract a wider audience, but never the less, the subject behind the creation of Spotlight demanded attention that winning the Academy Award granted it. It dealt with a serious issue that most of seriously needed to be reminded of. Thanks to the invention of spy applications, you do not need to worry about the implications of such occurrences as much as you probably had to.

Addison is a journalist, social media experimentalist, and blogger at TheOneSpy Blog.  He is a passionate technology writer and contributes towards teens matter, cell phone spy software and social Issues.

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