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Top 6 Hottest IT Technology Trends 2016 Taking To Whole New Level

IT technology has grown in popularity and has advanced to a whole new level this year with the rise of so many different technology trends.

With these new and exciting advancements in IT technology, it’s no wonder many people are gearing up for a truly memorable year where technology will showcase itself like never before.

For those who love to know more about the upcoming technology trends, this expert guide will give you insight into the hottest IT technology trends which are taking over the world in 2016.

Advanced IT Technology Trends Of 2016

Advanced Machine Learning

New advancements in machine learning is paving its way to a brand new level this year with deep neural nets (DNN) moving further beyond information management and computing to more complex systems which have the ability to autonomously learn and perceive the world on their own accord.

DNN’s are what makes smart machines appear as if they’re intelligent. DNN’s give machines the ability to learn things for themselves and the overall technology is evolving this year with new implementation in vehicles, robots, virtual personal assistants, and more.

With this coming in 2016 it will be interesting to see how far we’ll go in machine learning in the years to come.

Large Enterprises Will Converge

Another trend that is said to continue this year is the consolidation and convergence of large enterprise players with the announcement recently of the EMC and Dell mega merger.

Mergers such as this from larger enterprises is said to deliver more agile, complete and advanced solutions for customers. With more infrastructures moving toward cloud style applications, it will bring with it more operating and purchase leveraging for improved IT self-service.

This new merger trend is said to continue with more and more large enterprises making the switch into one.

Adaptive Security

Adaptive security is said to be a hot topic and trend this year with many businesses taking it on board already. The idea of adaptive security is that it detects where an anticipated cyberattack will take place and adapts the security measures accordingly.

Adaptive security is said to save businesses thousands of dollars and enables for a business to be more secure overall. Adaptive security will help industrial automation businesses along with other industries to stay secure and safe.

Cloud Computing

While cloud computing isn’t new it’s one new trend that’s going to continue well into the future. It’s estimated that by 2018 half of IT spending will be all cloud based. Many businesses and organizations are said to be overcoming their fears of compliance and security concerns to embrace the cloud fully.

Hybrid cloud models are said to be enforced this year with new tools and accessories which will improve the cloud experience greatly.

Smart Personal Assistants

With personal assistants like Siri and Google Now, you wouldn’t think it would get any better? Well now it does with the increase of personal assistants being launched by new enterprises this year.

Cortana is new to desktops and laptop users. It’s also suggested that future personal assistants will also offer much smarter thinking ability with the increase in cognitive computing and machine learning.

It’ll be interesting to see what new personal assistants will be available in the near future.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is said to be a big thing this year with the increase in VR and AR (augmented reality) headsets being released this year. Microsoft and Oculus Rift is said to be the biggest contenders in this area with sales said to top 12 million units.

VR and AR devices are said to revolutionize the business industry with more and more companies using them for training, communications and design work. It will be interesting what type of new VR and AR technology will be released in the years to come.


When it comes to the hottest trends in IT technology this year, as you can see there’s many different ones set to make waves in the industry. From virtual reality devices to adaptive security and more it will be interesting to see just how far IT technology will go in the future.

So are you looking forward to any of these IT technology trends? Which one are you most keen on seeing or trying?

Author: Caroline Kastner is a professional blogger and IT specialist who enjoys to write and read about anything technology related. She has a young son and has two dogs which she loves greatly. Caroline loves to walk along the beach and she enjoys spending her time researching about upcoming technology trends.

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