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Your Mobile Gaming Experience: iPhone vs. Android

iPhone vs. Android Gaming Experience

As long as there are iPhones and Androids, there will always be a debate on which one is better. For years, they’ve been head to head competitors, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Whether you’re a diehard iPhone fan or you wouldn’t use anything but an Android, both phones work well and it really all comes down to personal preference, right? Both phones have cameras, both have texting capabilities, and both have loads of other options.

What about the mobile gaming experience? Is there a big difference between the two? We’ll explore some of the differences.

What Do You Need For Mobile Gaming?

Before we jump right in and start making comparisons about iPhones and Androids, let’s talk about what’s important for mobile gaming. Obviously, a screen that’s not cracked is always a good start (don’t forget to invest in those screen protectors) and maybe a set of earbuds to experience a more “surround” sound.

Both phones have these, so there’s no need to debate these basic accessories.

What are some of the things you must have when gaming on the go? While good speakers might be nice, a long battery life and a large amount of storage space are “must haves” for most mobile gamers.

Who Does It Better?

Again, a lot comes down to personal preference but let’s throw bias out the window and just take a look at what each phone offers. Keep in mind, that if you have an older version of either phone, your gaming experience may not be as good as if you had a newer phone.

iPhone vs. Android Gaming Experience

Battery Life

Fewer things are frustrating than being levels into a high-stress, fast-paced game and having your screen go black because you ran out of battery power. Depending on the game, your battery can get drained quickly. While iPhone is improving on their not so great battery life, an Android typically performs better.

Take the Samsung Galaxy 8, for example. The battery capacity is 3000mAh and if it uses WiFi Internet continuously it might last 14 hours while 4G is 12 hours and 3G is around 11 hours. An iPhone 7 has a battery capacity of 1,960mAh, so one can estimate that the same continuous usage would be about half of the Samsung.


If you do nothing but play games on your phone, you may not run into many issues with storage but most online gamers (like most smartphone users) use their phone for taking photos and using other apps.

When your storage is reaching max capacity, it can slow your game way down making it nearly impossible to play. If you know you’ll be using your phone for more than mobile gaming, make sure you have enough storage. Since you’re likely to come across some high-end games that are 1GB or more, 128 or 256 GB of storage may make you a happier gamer.

Gaming Options

Apple usually has more games to choose from, and they’re also a little more well-known. Popular gaming companies, like Nintendo, have also teamed up with Apple to release some games for the iPhone.

It’s not to say that games for Android are bad, but they might be a little lackluster depending on what you want. Many of the games that are first available to iPhones eventually become available to Android users, but there’s usually a delay and cost involved.

While some games can be limiting based on your brand of phone, there are many online gaming sites, such as Online(@$, that work seamlessly on various types of platforms. Looking for games that work on iPhones and Androids will make your gaming experience that much better.

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