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How To Get Best Ideas for Mobile Apps Development!

Supposing you have an idea that has a great potential and could be the next mobile app sensation, what can you do to develop that wisp of an idea into an actionable one? The more effort you put into this phase, the better would be your results. We dabble a lot into mobile app development and here’s how we translate our ideas into action plans; read on.

#1: Research, research, research!

There are no shortcuts when it comes to research and this is true for every platform, every industry not only mobile apps. You’ll have to take the time out for it and see if someone else has beaten you to the idea. Go through the App store, Play Store and see if any of the applications that are already available are similar to your idea. Remember that original ideas and creative applications rule the roost today. In fact, even for getting your app listed, it has to be different and your idea will be the key differentiator and will help your app get picked.

However, you should also consider this – there is nothing new under the sun! So, if your idea has already been translated into reality by someone else (Don’t fret about it just yet!), see if you can do something better than what is available and execute it differently. This will help you stand out! Similarly, we recommend that you identify potential audience and the market for your product at this stage itself. We do that when we begin mobile app development!

#2: Start with a paper / white board & create a storyboard

Your app’s journey from your thoughts to paper and then a whiteboard and then perhaps a wireframe happens at this stage. As one of the leading companies working on multiple mobile application platforms, we start by conceptualizing the entire app from a user’s perspective – which screen does the user view first, what does he/she see in it, what happens when a button is pressed, how do they navigate to other screens and how do things load and so on. Put yourself in the user’s shoes and look at the app as he/she would.

When we create wireframes or storyboards that lay out the whole picture, we take our idea to the next level and start visualizing the end product. Also, this can be used to pitch the idea to investors and your own teams and helps the development by serving as a reference.

#3: Plan for development, marketing and submission

Once the wireframes are ready, you should go about development and also in parallel look for investors (In case you already haven’t). You should start looking at potential target audiences as well, do some market research and plan your marketing strategies early on. Revisit your idea and storyboard every time something new crops up and see how you can accommodate it or provide for it. Similarly, before submission, you should think of getting some positive press for your app (marketing is very important; doing it right even more so).

Overall, you should be looking at developing a solid business plan for your app now that your idea is being translated into reality. We have dabbled in a variety of mobile application platforms and our apps have been submitted in the App Store, Play Store, etc. and we follow a methodical approach to app make it happen. We also recommend that you go through submission guidelines, provide for bug fixing, plan post release support and maintenance to ensure that your app gets many downloads and stays on top of the charts. Good Luck!

Lalji Patel is a marketing professional who love to blog about different marketing topics. He is graduated as a computer science engineer and currently working as an online marketing manager helping business with search and content marketing on various projects, currently he is brilliantly working on project His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flow through in expert industry coverage he provides.

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