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How To Create a Monster Battery-Top 20 Simple Tips


What is the biggest challenge the mobile phone manufacturers face these days? Yes, that’s right. To make a battery with a really long life.

Since the millennials cannot be seen without a phone in their hand (they need to constantly use it in some or the other way, either chatting with someone, net surfing, catching Pokémon, watching videos, taking selfies or updating their status), the phone companies are under constant pressure to not just develop their phone module, but also enhance the phone’s battery life.

God knows when we would see a day when charging the phone becomes a weekend task among Saturday’s to-do list. Until then, we can do feasible little things that would lengthen the battery life. Here’s a sieved list of the easiest and the most effective ways to save battery.

#1 Keep your phone cool

This is the one of the foremost causes (and equally lesser known) that an overheated phone impacts the battery life. Every time your phone’s battery reaches 45 degrees C and above, it affects the quality of your phone’s battery. In fact, external heat due to climate or work conditions (those who have to deal with heat or fire) need to be careful. When the overheating is extreme, reported case of battery blasts have occurred in the past.

Make sure that your phone is not in direct contact with your skin. Keep your phone in the case especially when you go outside. Avoid your battery from taking a hit.

#2 Dim that phone’s brightness

Usually Android phones have adaptive brightness mode. What we don’t know is this useful feature drains away a lot of battery. Hence, manually set the brightness level as per your requirements. The latest phones even have options where you can set brightness according to your phone’s ringer mode.

#3 No need WiFi, Bluetooth, radio and location services

Our phone is in a constant search for strong network signal. This eats up a lot of battery. We practically don’t need the wifi, radio and bluetooth connectivity or location tracking all the time, so it is better to turn them off and use them only when required. The battery consumption increases a lot especially when we are travelling. You can even try to make minimal use of 3G and 4G during your travel. Since the network doesn’t remain consistent, the phone tries all the more to find a strong network.

#4 Ditch Fancy live wallpaper & stick to a simple one

Animations are cute but we pay a compensation for them in the form of battery life. Live wallpapers on the home screen make a massive dent on your phone’s battery life. Stick to a black wallpaper or a simple non-animated wallpaper. The brighter is the wallpaper; more is the consumption of the battery. Darker it is, the better.

#5 Let your phone rest

Always shut down the apps running in the background. They take a large toll on the battery charge. It is better to close a feature or an app every time you use it. The best way to deal with this problem is to turn it off or put it the phone in the flight mode. You can even put your phone on a stand-by mode or sleep mode when not in use.

#6 Put off the vibration or the loud ringer mode

This is a good thing to do especially when you are at work. Keep your phone on silent mode. Since your phone will be next to you at your work station, your phone doesn’t need to vibrate or ring. It will save a lot of battery.

#7 Turn off the flash notifications

This should be done especially when your phone is on ringer mode or at night. This can also be done when your phone is next to you at work.

#8 Stop giving those haptic feedback

The haptic feedbacks come to you with a flash notification and the phone vibrates every time you send or receive the feedback. Go to Settings > Sounds and Notification. Now, turn off the haptic feedback.

#9 Increase the time lapse between all the auto updates

Instead of having a minute to minute update for your apps, emails and notifications, increase the period frame to every half an hour or to an hour. In fact, you can turn off the updates especially for those apps you rarely use. Avoid auto-sync altogether.

#10 Reduce the display screen timeout

Set the timeout to as minimum as you can. If you are not using your phone for more than 30 seconds, it makes no sense in having the screen on for more time than that.

#11 Battery saving features on your phone

Keep the battery optimization mode on. All smartphones come with power widgets. Most of the phones come with a built-in power-saver mode. The battery saving mode kicks in after the percentage set by the user. The higher percentage your keep, more charge is saved. So, go to Settings > Battery right away

#12 Power saver and power booster

Most of the phones come with a built-in power-saver mode that turns off. The battery saving mode kicks in after a denoted percentage of battery. The higher percentage your keep, more charge is saved. So, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘battery’ right away.

Doze, a built-in functionality in Android Marshmallow and versions higher than it. Doze handles app data and processes in the background. It shuts down the apps when the phone is not active.

This feature saves a lot of battery especially during the night time. Greenify is yet another good app that hibernates apps based on your choosing. Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8) have Ultra Power Saving and Extreme Power Saving modes.

And yes, rooting the phone definitely helps. On a rooted phone, you can speed up with Naptime, a free app from the Play Store that gives you access to the normally hidden Doze settings. In case, you don’t want to take all the trouble, try debloat. Also, you can custom the kernels and the ROM on your phone. All of these will save a great deal of your battery.

#13 Check what’s sucking the most juice

Go to Settings > Battery and take a look at an organized breakdown of everything that’s consuming your phone’s battery. The applications and features will appear on your screen in a descending list of battery hogs. The most sensible idea here will be to uninstall the applications or features you barely use. Delete unused accounts as well.

#14 Keep an eye on signal strength

When you are in an area with poor network reception, your phone will work harder to latch onto a comparatively stronger signal. This in turn has an adverse effect on battery life. Well, there isn’t much you can do about this one, but it’s worth popping the phone into flight mode in case you don’t need data or voice calls.

#15 Timely update your apps

Most of the applications often get auto-updated. Some apps still need to be updated manually. The latest app version for the phone saves the phone’s efforts to run it.

#16 Buy a battery case or larger extended battery

Battery cases combine a hardware enclosure that protects your phone and extends battery to almost double your phone’s endurance. Models compatible with Android phones are from a Mophie Juice Pack and Incipio Offgrid Battery Backup Case.

Charge your battery the right way.

#17 Use the charger that came with your phone

The biggest mistake we make when it comes to charging our phone is that we use an all-in-one charger-cum-USB cable-cum-data wire. Well, here’s some news that will surprise you. Though all the chargers look the same, their adapter is designed as per the phone.

Hence, the next time you borrow a charger from someone, remember that it is corroding your battery gradually like a slow poison.Even those power adapters available in the market, may not always do good to your battery.

» Forget the zero battery concepts
The biggest myth associated with charging the battery is that you need to drain the battery out completely and then charge it to make your battery last longer. No! Not anymore. Gone are those days of old Symbian concept. The Android ones are designed keeping in mind the continual use. Hence, you can even charge your phone while you are using it.

» No not use a lot of portable or wireless charging.
Just when we were intrigued by the whole concept of magnetic lithium-ion levitating battery, we did come to know soon what good it could be for our phone’s battery. There is no question that it charges the battery in a lightning speed, it does not necessarily keeps your battery healthy.

» Unplug on 100%.
Most of the phones show the tentative time required to full battery. If you would tend to remain busy, set an alarm for the denoted time. Overcharging can degrade the battery.

#18 Reboot your phone timely

Smartphones are no less than a handheld computer. With the amount of work it has to do, we should be kind enough to reboot the phone to erase all the unwanted apps running or the kick the malwares running errantly. These unwanted guests (that we aren’t even aware of) take up a lot of charge. It is always better to save the data and reboot the phone than to get it corrupted.

#19 Use the internet wisely

While you are surfing something and you see the streaming sign or the download icon for too long, you must close the site soon. These signs are (obviously) seen when the signal is weak or the site has improperly framed roots. Even for apps, always look for an ad free version.

#20 Start using IFTTT

IFTTT is the latest search organiser that will bring to you an array of options that can help you cut down on battery consumption. It is a perfect fodder for anyone lazy. You can custom the working of your phone with its help and save a great amount of battery. For example, you can use ‘If I step out of the house, turn off the Wi-Fi’.

The consumption of your phone’s battery is directly proportional to your phone’s usage. Maximizing your battery life is related to minimizing your power usage. Optimizing the battery can occur from simply changing the way that you use your device on a daily basis, switching from fully automating connectivity toggles to more wise use.

Jennifer Warren: Content Curator with, a research and review platform for app development companies. She is focused mainly on helping small companies establish. She has 3 years of experience in extensive project research and has been associated with many websites.

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