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How To Choose a Right Mobile Application Developer!

We all have lots of ideas in our mind nowadays. Some ideas are just like a lighting that just come in our mind for a few seconds and go away. But some strike your mind and you want to turn that big perception into a business.

You can relate most of those ideas with technology and specially applications these days. It could be something that can be improved using mobile technology or something that can be made fast or easily accessible utilizing the same.

All right! Now after analyzing the idea, you build a plan and the first thing that comes to your mind is an app developer that can really turn your dream into reality. A developer that can understand your vision.

But where to find those developers, and how. Finally you are able to reach a few developers but how you are going to choose the right one for your dream app?

These are a few qualities you should look for before hiring the perfect developer for your app
1. A developer should have a profound experience for application development on both the platforms, android as well as iOS.
2. He/She should be well familiar with SQLite, Web Service, UI/UX, Google Maps etc.
3. Should read and understand your requirements thoroughly before starting the project.
4. The developer should not only built your app just for the sake of having a project in hand but should love to work with you building your product.
5. You should ask the developer if he/she will support the entire app life-cycle right from build, test, release to app store.
6. Also, inquire about the tech tools that would would used.
7. You can ask the developer for his/her previous app development work or projects undertaken.

For e.g. for Android he/she could be using Java, for iOS, it’ll be swift or objective c.

Keep in mind your requirements

For e.g. if you need your app (iOS) as soon as possible, Swift by comparison is like an electric mower and will reduce the amount of work needed. In this case, you should go with the one that has profound experience in swift and have already built a few projects using swift language.

I hope, till now, you have understood the key features to look for before hiring a developer.

Note: The the question arises, whether to go with a single developer or a company. It totally depends on your product. If it’s a big product that will include a lot of features, you should go for a company. Why? Because a company will understand your project in a better way and will be able to provide you extra support.

There are a lot of platforms that you must have heard of before to post your job. These platforms include freelance/upwork, odesk etc.

Let’s consider a scenario that you have posted a job, say, an android/iOS developer needed.

Within few hours of posting the jobs, you will receive a lot of proposals from the developers/companies.

Case 1: Developer/company sends an automated response. In my opinion, i’ll not go with them. Why? Because they have not read my requirements and there have not understood the overall vision.

An ideal reply i would be looking for could look like this.

Case 2: A developer asking me further questions or inquiring about my product.

Just an example of a response:

“For this app of yours, I would like you to consider these things

Would you like to go with cloud e.g AWS? I think you should. It eases the migration process for existing applications while preserving options for building new solutions. Apart from this, it provides scalability and high-performance. What do you think?

To store flag information: For databases what would you prefer, mysql or mongodb? I will recommend MEAN over LAMP for better performance. I have worked with both SQLite and MongoDB, the latter offers a more flexible, accommodating layer for storing data.

I am more likely to go with this developer/company.

In addition to this, You can also ask if he/she will provide extra perks like user acquisition and data analytic which will help you take further steps to outreach market.

via Aseem Ghavri
CEO and co-founder at Code Brew Labs, a well established App development firm.

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